Shrooms and MedMan

Not complaining at all.. love yalls service and everything y’all provide... but what would it take to get psilocybin back up (in the menu) like it was in 2013-2014? Y’all do such an amazing job with the flower, and you would be helping just as many more out with the fungi... just a simple question.. not complaining, simply asking... and I completely understand the risk factor associated— but shrooms are looked upon as equal if not more normal than pot..



  • Not in terms of the law lol

  • Last time I asked this medboy said that they’ve only ever sold weed, when I sent a link via a web vault showing that they did indeed sell psilocybin mushrooms, I got no response back🤷🏻‍♂️ Love their service either way though

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    The current medboy is not the original medboy but I've been buying regularly for almost five years and have never seen them on the list.

  • @BMan so what? You think ordering and getting it via USPS is legal? Lmao

  • And it’s not like I’m pulling the info out of thin air. It’s on

  • i will chime in here and say that I am interested in this as well. the last time that i took shrooms that i remember for sure was june 2005 at Bonnaroo. i may have taken some since then but don't remember. I had some hydroponic shroom Reese's Cups that were the best psilocybin experience i've ever had, just thru the roof w. those things.

    lol. anyway. just curious about this. for sure for sure.

  • @Fastguy199 there is no state where they are legal unless you are on a reservation. Atleast with weed its legal depending on the state. Yes its illegal to ship USPS i just assume the risk is higher sending shrooms as well. They do the business and Medboy pretty much said they dont want to get into that anymore.

  • @BMan now that is understandable.. but I’d think the risk factor would be lower. Given there is no smell with shroomies.. just sucks cus medman does such a badass job delivering fire buds and I’m sure their shrooms would be the same way 😰😥😓

  • We are seriously considering adding shrooms and other goodies. Stay tuned!

  • HYPE!!! I saw that @medman was the latest person to respond in this thread, but did not expect to read this. DEFINITELY will stay tuned :lol: any hint as to the nature of "other goodies"? just curious. be vague if you like!

    Ok, I'll just be quiet now & be happy w/ the good news :joy:

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    @medman :-> y’all r the best <3

  • @v32Finish alls I can say is I will definitely be making a purchase on them as soon as I see they are up!

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    This is AMAZING!! I can finally test the theory if magic shrooms really do treat migraines.
    Oh happy day.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 ive been doing quite a bit of research on shroom cultivation and what not, and they say if you’re having real bad cluster headaches certain kinds of mycelium actually help.. so u could have some sort of management in just a few days.. If u were to do a bit of research on psilocybin mycelium and cluster headaches.. If that helps at all?

  • @medman This is great news !!! I have been interested in micro dosing.

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    I've watched a bunch of different documentaries on it with cluster migraines in men and women, and the type of migraine I get (intractable migraine with aura), and its been found that it helps. Plus, I've read up on it as well, when these headaches allow screentime that is.

    I've been hard to treat with pharmaceuticals, and have only found small relief with cannabis, so with the possibility of MM adding them to the menu I'd definitely like to test the theory for myself, and have a semblance of a life back.

    Finish my degree would be on the short order of things to do for sure!

    Oh, and being that I'm a total virgin to shrooms yall will have to teach me how to even dose it

  • Just eat em all and go outside in the sunshine. :wink:

  • @Sixwaychili That sounds awesome especially with the southern autumn coming soon

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    @MigraineWarrior79 id say start small. Get you a bag of shrooms. The fresher the better. Hopefully from medman someday really soon.. and eat a few grams. Somewhere between 3 to 5 grams.. if you don’t feel anything eat more the next time. If you’re getting a degree, you would be able to learn the cultivation thing like a pro.. I have no doubts in you:-) good luck with your head ache problem. Sounds like a real motherfucker! I hope you find a cure to all of your problems within fungi.. I know they help me with internal thought or feeling better.. almost like closing a void. It’s amazing. Completely non addictive! And like I said before. You could grow your own mycelium in literally hours... if you have the right ingredients/spore syringes :-)

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    Thank you for your well wishes! It's very much appreciated.
    I've been working towards my RN for a while, and then these caused a setback.
    Ultimately, I'd like to become a nurse practitioner, but I'm not sure which field because there are a few that have my heart.
    I'm stoned currently, so I could definitely write an entire novel on each one, and as to why I'm interested in each particular one.

    Anyway. Stoned ramblin 🤪

    As far as growin shrooms
    I probably could
    I'm pretty good at keepin things sterile, and I practically have jungle outside with all my greenery.
    I get that there's more to it than that, but not all that much. I recall the thread from a few weeks back that was an interesting read.

  • @medman thats great! Would definitely buy if they were on the menu. Shit now I’m gonna keep refreshing the site to see if they are added

  • I’ll try it with you migraine. Been thinking about it for three years. Did a gram a month ago, but it didn’t do much. My challenges are anxiety and depression. Been a little scared to try a real dose. Although I had no problem doing it in college several times.

  • @leaf... like I always tell my wife—who is scared and has never done shrooms— if you smoke as much pot as we do and have had some sort of experience with drugs, then you’ll be fine.. super mellow

  • @leaf It's a deal! As soon as mm puts them up(if he does) I'm going to jump on it.

  • Don’t forget by any stretch tho.. they can take u way beyond what pot can. If you eat enough. So be safe. Start small and work your way up. Make sure you’re in good space mentally and physically and you’re good to go. Usually helps to have someone you trust there sober..

  • Loved shrooms back when I was younger but haven't had any in over 20 years. But, I don't think adding anythinh but weed to this site would be a good idea. This would open up a lot more funding for investigations and put a new level of law enforcement interest on the site.
    Although weed is still illegal in most of the country, no one really cares and federal funding to investigate it is nonexistant. Once you add other things in the mix it opens up funding, investigations, and brings a whole new level of visibility. Although I could care less if people get them (and might even get some for myself), I would hate to see this service shut down over it. At my age finding another reliable source isnt easy.

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    I'm the guy that people follow around when doing shrooms because I find the absolutely best things to do and see. I'm talking about the really fun parts of tripping.

    Much of my outlook on life is based on what I learned while doing shrooms and lsd. I mean just watch a political debate while tripping and you'll know they are the most full of shit people that exist on the planet so you'll never bother caring about politics for the rest of your life. You can see just how wrong and evil they all are and you will not forget it for the rest of your life. And this is actually the key to everything. (The insanely corrupt) Government doesn't exist without the people's belief in their authority and legitimacy. I've removed my belief and am waiting for the rest of the planet. That'll be the next renaissance age and we will never evolve until it happens. This means DO NOT VOTE! A vote cast for anyone is a symbol of your belief that the system works and your acknowledgement that you will accept the results. I do not and never will. Didn't mean to bring up politics, but that's just one example of how tripping permanently changed me.

    Another example is that pretty much every single thing said by anyone in authority is a massive lie being told to control you and take whatever money you still have left. Mainstream media, politicians, big business, big pharma, banks, scientists, religion, etc. etc.

    I honestly believe this is one of the major reasons why hallucinogens and cannabis are/were illegal for so long. They are dangerous to the powers that be. It's easy to control the minds of millions, but impossible to control the mind of a free thinking individual. So I encourage all to do some shrooms and see the world exactly how it is. Hallucinating is what lets you see the real world without looking through the lens of an entire lifetime of programming, which sounds a bit crazy until you see it.

    I should have lived through the 60s.

    I write all this being someone who has not taken shrooms or lsd for 25 years. I did them a lot for 5+ years and I learned all I needed to learn. My last trip I knew was my last.

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    All that being said, you don't need to explore a massive mind reset like that either. I mean I used to take 3 hits of acid and a couple huge caps at the same time and trip for 12 hours. I'll probably buy some to microdose.

  • My Dad said he'll be happy to take me through my first shroom experience, and I am so glad he agreed. I don't trust anyone more.
    Pop is my rock.

    The only reason I haven't tried shrooms or acid thus far is because I've been a person the majority of my life who has been in a dark place mentally.

    But, I'm in a much better place as of the last few years with the help of God, and cannabis, so I'm not worried to try now.

    I was always worried about having a "bad trip".

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