New strains up



  • I've got a qtr ounce on order @suchacutie89 supposed to arrive early next week. Will let you know.

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    Shoo, I have to wait until NEXT paycheck to order!
    My car ended up needing a repair, therefore bye bye split ounce. 😒
    Soooo, I may have a little T break coming.
    But, it's all good, 'cause my tolerance is ridiculous as of late.

    All these edits!
    Don't post high! 😂

  • I just ordered a half of the purple punch. I’ll review once it’s here. Woke up to a nice surprise this morning of back unemployment’s owed to us so I bought myself a treat.

  • Nice @Rubygirl816! Looking forward to the review. I went with some Bear Creek OG this reload with a side of Pineapple Express shatter..sounds delicious

  • @Rubygirl816 Whoo hoo!! I'm truly happy for you and the hubby!
    Congrats on the back pay!

  • Thanks @MigraineWarrior79 we have been waiting a long time. @superman38NC I’ve been eyeing the cherry kush wax that’s been up for a while, so might do that now because I’m going to order some vape refills from medmama.

  • Can't wait for reviews cause I was wanting bear and purple but friend hyped his pfl so much me and other buddy had to split half z and grabbed a gram of wedding cake cause how could you not lol

  • I want to order more Bubba as it is my goto for sleep and insomnia ever since Blackberry went away, but I was trying to wait until XJ13 or Space Queen came back so I could split an O. Though, knowing my luck the day after Bubba goes away will be when XJ or Space Queen come back!

  • Med mamma dropped out door ghost of and premium Mac

  • 🙀🙀🙀
    Of course...when I can't spend on this paycheck, fuck.
    I hope some bamf (bad ass motherfucker) strains drop NEXT Friday.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 im with you I gotta wait till Friday praying we’ll get lucky

  • @suchacutie89 I just got a gram of the triple scoop gelato to try and it's really nice quality bud, if the premium fruit loops is better than it I can't wait to try it lol


  • Just got a 1/4 ghost outdoor. All i could afford right now.

  • @Loudpack1022 have you tried mamas MAC before ? I’m going to try it but hoping the quality is as good as Loudnco

  • Wow! All these new strains! Fine selection from loud.

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    Seriously! 😭
    I need a loan for cannabis 💸

    Edit again
    Breakin my own damn rule (don't post high. Like dat will ever happen) Haha

  • @LoudnCo knows how to pull at the heart strings!🤤 So..many..strains! Can't hold on to my wallet much longer...

  • Yeah.. sensory overload when i reloaded the page just now. haha.

    was able to snag a small amount but man it always hurts when ya have to pass some of 'em by. :joy:

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    @v32Finish I appreciate cannabis more than I should(lol) so I definitely understand the hurt of letting strains pass by, especially favorites. I never order small so when the menu is full like this, I just know I won't get ahold of a few this time.

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    Just toked the free J of Cotton Candy Kush @LoudnCo sent me..big thx! Hate I missed that batch because it’s tasty and 🔥

  • I wondered about that Cotton Candy @superman38NC . Good to know I shouldn't miss out.

  • Just smoked my free Dutch treat joint with the wife and we’re enjoying it, great unique flavor a nice buzz, the wedding cake is great also with a flavor I’ve never tasted and good buzz also thanks @LoudnCo

  • Snagged a zip each of Frankenstein and Peach Kush. Heading to see Pigeons Playing Ping Pong next weekend, my first music concert since the pandemic kicked in and my first experience with drive-in style concerting. Should be interesting. My bday is a week later. Hoping the postal gods are feeling kind this week!

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    @funkynugz I just made the same order you did. Zip each. Hope your plans go as they should for the weekend and next.

  • @MizterNiceGuy thanks bro. Both sound pretty awesome, esp the peach that has Topanga Pure Kush in its lineage. I grew the shit out of a strain with that had PK as a primary element, in fact I’m kicking up a tent with 3 fem beans sometime early next month.

    even if this new order doesn’t show in time for the show I’m well covered 😉

  • Jah goo any Frankenstein Coming soon.

    Jah goo was my strongest indica experience ever last time around. Frankenstein will be a first.

    Damn im beyond grateful for this site especially lately. Not sure where id be without it. 😳

  • the 2 i picked up are Purple Punch and Strawberry banana Tangie. didn't get much, but this will definitely be a treat for me.

  • Haha “Frankenstein” fits the upcoming season huh?!..looking forward to the feedback on that one..I have enough sedative strains..I picked up some of the Greenhouse Zmints. Love about anything GSC..hope the buds are the same as the pics and I think we’ll be good 😎

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    Damn I just got an order, waiting on another for pfl, and already kinda needing more gummies lmfao but now I NEED to try everything else or at least the frankie and miracle whip lol wonder if any the 🦌 antler stuff from grandma's boy gonna make an appearance then all id need is a karate car driving monkey

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