New strains up



  • @Vapedad78
    Making me want to give Grandma's boy another watch

  • Has anyone ever tried Miracle Whip ?

  • Lmao love it, sand man for the win and dying to hear about dchs strangely enough taste seeing as I normally am repulsed by miracle whip or mayo

  • @superman38NC hey how's the zmints is the description accurate?

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    Hey @Vapedad78 i haven’t received it yet. Looks like it should arrive Fri or Sat..I’ll definitely leave a review..I had some mint choc chip fromMama last was fantastic.

  • MM new strains up!

  • When medmama said new strains coming soon, I didn't think today! This is awesome! Grabbed some Blueberry Zkittles since the description looked phenomenal & personally recommended by her.

  • just grabbed 1/2 of the blueberry zkittles for same reason also trying 1/2 of the peach mimosa

  • @Ken_K Nice! That peach mimosa looks delicious!

  • Grabbed a half also of the blueberry zkittles, sounds incredible

  • Grabbed blueberry zkittles..sounds delicious! Great price too

  • Zmints is legit The description is accurate besides the purple hue part. Has an excellent taste profile, with slight mint taste. It’s Thin mint strain.

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    @LoudnCo with the drop! Definitely hooked it up with the Animal Cookies, and Jungle Punch which is a cross of animal cookies & purple punch, say whaaaa
    Thank you for your efforts, 1000x, man!

  • Welp, after just buying an ounce of Sour Diesel like 2 hours ago, I have to refrain from the Lemon Haze. Would be a tough choice if I had to make it.

  • @Sixwaychili I think you will like the Sour D. :)

  • sensory. overload

  • I went with half peach mimosa and half blueberry zkittlez. Can't wait.

  • I absolutely did not like the premium MAC by loud 😩😩 Chemdawg wasn’t even all that this batch ! I’m disappointed

  • oyy.that sucks @suchacutie89 . sorry to hear it. mine was OK. not great. (purple punch & strawberry banana tangie).. but it got better after a couple days in a jar. wish i'd picked different but the strawberry is at least good daytime strain. they're both just really light on smell and not very strong.. but also not bad either. i think they should be just slightly more strict all around on the premium designation but i understand they have prices and overhead etc

    anyways. on to the next one!

  • @v32Finish im waiting on the purple punch. I guess it will be going into a jar for a few days. Also have some Mac coming from medmama and some blueberry zkittles. I’ve been eyeing all the new strains now and can’t decide on the headband or the gelato jet fuel

  • @Rubygirl816 that's exactly how i feel.. looking at all these strains on both sides like .. wow.. want to try the headband and gelato jf also .

  • I definitely want some headband

  • Yeah there's multiple I'd like to try but already waiting on 2 loud and a mama to show up with boveda. soo tryna show a lil restraint lol

  • @suchacutie89 I got some of the reg. MAC that was available right before the premium came out. I was happy with that quality. Did you get to try any of that batch? Was curious about the premium but I don't buy the premium stuff.

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    Pulled the trigger on a split of Alien Bubba and Royal Kush Medmama
    And Animal Cookies & Duct Tape loud

  • @NOLA504 if it is MAC I buy lol 😆 I have the Medmama in my P.O. Box going to pick up in morning. All the other Mac strains have been straight GAS ⛽️ FRFR that’s why I’m surprised this one is not as potent 😔

  • The MedMama MAC is great!..burns to an almost non existence white ash..smells diff than the typical MAC..which I ❤️too..looks exactly like the pic..all around beautiful premium buds..highly recommend!

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