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I recently moved from a state that marijuana is recreational legal to a state that is not. Medical is also very hard to get through n this state. So I have been doing my research and Medicine Man has some good reviews. After looking over the website, I saw that MM has a forum- and I love forums.

I wanted to make sure MM was legit because I will be making a purchase soon.

Give me a little feedback on MM and your experience. It’s always the first few purchases that make me nervous...



  • Going on three years as a customer here. I’ve spent thousands on some of the best cannabis products. It’s legit for sure. I have a medical card, but I still purchase the majority of my medicine here because of quality and price.

  • Thanks so much. Ya I’m super excited. I’m relatively new to the cannabis world and it brings a tear to my eye leaving the state that allows it. I do appreciate you taking the time to reply

  • I've been here since July, and it's totally legit. It was this forum that assured me everything was cool.

    Have no fear cause madman is here!

  • @Pxpxp Im fairly new. Just a few months now. This is very much legit. Like MigraineWarrior79 said, I also was convinced it was legit after reading this forum. Order to your hearts content, and enjoy!

  • Oh lord. facepalm
    MEDman* is here.
    Although, I'm sure he's feeling like a madman catching up on email lately.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 :joy: :joy: :joy:

    @Pxpxp welcome!! you'll find that there are alot of people with really great things to say about this site & Medman et al. they are just.. excellent.

    may your wallet beware .. and welcome to the forum, medfam!

  • Going on like a year or so now. This site has helped me thru so much! It is 100% legit and we would all like to keep it that way!

  • This is the real deal. What can we say? MedMan takes care of us. Welcome!

  • Thanks everyone. Ya I am super excited to make an order. You all are giving me ease that MM is legit. Has anyone had a problem sending to an apartment address?

  • I just had my first order sent to my apartment recently no problems @Pxpxp

  • @Pxpxp no, it's rock solid. they are very discreet & just look like totally normal small packages.

    I think if you search hard enough, u can find where medman/medboy has stated that they HAVE had packages intercepted or whatever. but that's exceedingly rare and to be expected over time. i wouldn't worry about it a bit.

  • lol! i remember that movie

  • MM and MB seem like great, caring individuals, such a shame that 80’s war on drugs propaganda paints them to be criminals, I say they’re heroes!

  • Thought I'd seen where some people said they had label created but then never seen update or new scan till was actually delivered?

  • Hi all, I'm new here also. I'm getting ready to place my second order and wondered if anyone knew about vape refills sold? Can you split the syringes, like 2 syringes of different strains or do they both have to be the same strain? I've tried to look everywhere for the answer but only found that you can split zips. Thanks in advance!

  • @Essy0522 i always ask them to split the two and only once they didn’t do it. Just put it in the comments on your order form.

  • @Essy0522 ive tried it twice and both times they weren’t split which is fine.

  • @Jbest6699 Oh yeah it's totally cool if not, I'd just like to get one of each strain of it were possible.
    @Rubygirl816 thanks for the tip! I'll try it, it's not going to hurt either way lol

  • @Essy0522 fyi I enjoyed the blue cheese and the lava cake, I just ordered the blueberry Afghani goo to try next.

  • Even here since about may and I am a loyal customer! Love the site. Welcome and enjoy! Grab some MAC from loud if it is still available ! It is hands down one of the top strains of this site ❤️

  • @Rubygirl816 i was looking at the lava and blueberry goo. I wanted to split strains so I could have one for morning and one for night (or whatever lol) so I asked if they could split with 1 super silver haze and 1 grape ape. Even if they can't do it I'll work out eventually but for today that's kind of where I was feeling.

  • @suchacutie89 you aren't lying lol everything I've seen praised on here is all like mac, moon rock and fruit loops lol

  • Grape ape is excellent

  • @Pxpxp Welcome to freedom :) all of us on the form were in a way weary of it being legitimate when we first tried MM and were so relieved that MM is legit and opened a door to freedom. You can always try the 1g bud sample at only like $10. MM is safe secure and respectful. Ever have any issues, MM will take care of you and solve it in a timely manner and its all completely anonymous. The forum members will always give your great input on anything you have to ask. We are all just normal people like you and MM also donates for our cause to NORML so your safe and enjoy :)

  • @suchacutie89 I remember around the time you joined the forum and you have provided great feedback on products and helping other members so thank you btw.

  • edited September 2020

    @suchacutie89 I smoked some (maybe a lot of) premium MAC yesterday and fell asleep at 6pm. Woke up at 7am. WTF! lol

  • @rasta0458 thank you so much.. I’m supper excited. You all have been amazing By giving me the peace of mind and I’ll be ordering soon.

  • I ordered 1 oz of Silver Durbz recently and plan to order more strains assuming it all goes well :) happy to start smoking again after a 3+ year long break lol

  • Thank you for the excellent feedback. It has been my love and honor to nourish people's body mind and soul with great meds for years now. Usually everything goes smoothly, but if there is ever a mistake, my team is always willing to fix it and work on the original problem so it doesn't happen again.

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