Now taking new Product Requests

Hey all, I am happy to announce that I will have some more time to focus on getting new product types.

I'm curious what would make people happiest? Keep in mind that sometimes I can find specific strains, but usually it's whatever the local organic growers have ready of good quality that I select. I used to offer more discount strains, but people didn't really like them because, well, they weren't as good... so I'm only doing good last years and smalls for discount now.

More Premium strains?

More flower variety in general?

More concentrate variety? What types?

More edible variety? Brownies/cookies/chocolate????

Thanks for helping me serve you best.

By the way, just got more of the same indoor sour diesel, greenhouse Blueberry Zkittlez, Peach Mimosa, and Wedding Cake... coming soon!!!



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    I'd like to see more hash, and flower varieties are always great.
    I'd love to see some kush if at all possible.
    You're great for even asking us for requests.

  • @medmama i think you’re doing it all right:-) id like to see more wax strains, and hash.. like the stuff rolled by hand ... shrooms if possible 🙂 y’all rock!

  • being on fixed income as of April, i have money issues splurging on the premiums so tend to look for standard flowers. i have a feeling the wildfires are going to prop up prices for standard flower in general, and outdoor grows this season are presumably going to be down compared to years past.

    selection in flower and concentrates from you and the other shippers have been nothing short of outstanding during the pandemic, i can't think of anything we're lacking here from a cannabis perspective. ❤

  • @medmama Definately hash!! I miss the bubble hash you had a few months ago.

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    @medmama If you are ever able to grab some Laughing Buddha flower, I’d be thrilled! Thanks for all that you do!

  • Yes awesome a variety of flower hash wax and shatter

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    Thx @medmama!! I would love to personally see more Premium or high quality indoor flower. Strain specific if I may please be on the look out for some Mimosa..the batch this time last year smelled like fruit punch..was covered in was amazing!! One of my fav’s from the site. Also the premium Violet Vixen that was so dank I still haven’t smelled nothing like it..maybe more of that?🙏🏻🤞🏼😎

    That Lemon Tree was 🔥 too

  • Well as someone getting back to smoking, 5 years ago in Colorado I had some great strains it would be nice to see here, some of them being white lightning, pineapple express, white widow and blue dream. Cant remember other strains. Glad you're bringing sour diesel I'll be getting that ^^ for the 1st or 2nd time. Ive heard good stuff about northern lights but idk anything about it. Not very experienced with concentrates, and as far as edibles, im not that into them but I think some drinks would be good

  • Sativa, sativa, sativa - Heirloom landrace strains please - Hawaiian , Thai, Columbian, and Mexican. Also premium California strains -Swami Select, Humboldt Collective etc. Finally, seeds of any type - feminized or not. Will pay extra $$ for any of these offerings. ... Based on high demand, please consider limiting flower purchase quantities to an OZ. Some of the newbies are hoarding strains in a ridiculous way - not cool IMO. Even the rarest strains used to be available for a week not 2 hours. You will still sell out quickly.

  • I would love to see 1/8, or quads of outdoors as well plus still good but slightly cheaper options of anything still decent and or s combo bundle of 1/8 or 1/4 plus add on of 5 Joints .5 gram would be great. Or some more 1/2oz around the $125 price if any avail. Thanks! Your medicine has been great! I appreciate all the goods.

  • What @agingboomerfl says!!!


  • GG#4
    Gorilla Glue
    Northern Lights
    Mendo Breath
    9lb Hammer
    Maui Pinnapple Chunk
    Anything really strong.
    Thanks for asking!

  • I would love to see some brownie edibles

  • Green crack might be a good strain, I dont remember if I tried it before lol. I remember having a good time with white lightning tho :)

  • Definitely some good kushes

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    @medmama any idea when we will see the new flower on the menu? Thx!

  • If like to see some moonrock that’s not $120

  • And some more fire Kush I personally have not tried any of your Kush yet

  • Man the blue skittles and peach mimosa sound fire asf, can't tell if my buddy did me a favor introducing me to this place or tryna make sure I go broke and ruin my life🤣

  • @medmama good question. Any idea when dropping new stuffs?

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    Definitely more sativas and sativa leaning hybrids (flower). I go to work at 4 am every day and most of the strains I have make me fall asleep instantly. Every once in awhile, I like to enjoy the high and remember what happened. It seems that sativas are never on the menu for long, but indicas can last for months. I also love indicas, but they make up 95% of my stash.

    It's 8pm and I should be in bed already. lol

  • hi @medmama... wish I got my answers in before there was 1000 replies already!!

    my .02cents = more premiums. better premiums. concentrates are on lock already, just get more ( & better ) premiums.

    also - HASH. PLEASE. PLEASE get some real hash that isn't bubble! i know it's a pain in the ass to actually ferment it or whatever and do it the REAL way.. but i haven't had REAL hash in almost 10 yrs now.

    but yeah other than hash, i don't think you're missing anything product-wise.. i would focus on trying to get that ULTRA shit. even if it costs more.

    TLDR = hash. better premiums (not that you haven't had a buncha bomb ones!). Sativa Hybrids or 50/50 hybrids. Premiums!!!!

  • Can you do edible mints? Low calorie and high potency? We get them from our local dispensary and theyre effective and discrete and useful.

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    also: please ask growers to grow out some Square 1 Genetics. HUGE request right there, but.. money.

    i will also add some of my top strains here (not just square 1) that i would love to see top shelf versions of:
    Utopia Haze (or .. any haze, actually)
    Super Silver Haze
    Platinum Cookies
    Banana Buttercups x Grape Rock Candy
    Brisker OG
    Rockstar x Lindsay OG
    Pinapple Chunk
    San Bacio Gelato
    Sunset Sherbet ( and Sunrise Sherbet and all the new Sherbinski drops!)

  • I would like to add to @v32Finish list (I’d like to try everything he listed LOL) -

    Cookie Dawg - I know there was a concentrate option but I would love the flower. Had it before unreal

    GG4 - anytime you can find it and it’s good, I will buy

    Also some classics -

    Bruce Banner
    Durban Poison
    Grand Daddy purp

    Thanks for engaging with us, that’s really cool of you.

  • More variety of vape refills please. Green crack would be awesome :)

  • @medmama , just wanted to say thank you for all you do! I would like to see some durban poison, gorilla glue, pineapple express. Thanks

  • @medmama I appreciate everything! Thank you! Would love to see some pure Blueberry & hash.

    @v32Finish oh man, last time I had some hash was '02. Miss it...

  • @medmama Hey first, thanks for all you do!..more Sativa strains also ...GG4 ..Bruce banner queen..hash..Ghost train..I got so many good strains from you..we appreciate your eye for good smoke..the stronger the better in my book...

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