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  • Would like to see shrooms

  • I want some shrooms so bad i always liked the golden teachers or blue meanies theres so many different strains of shrooms

  • @Batman4rmHouston yeah most defiently some white Runtz thats some of the best smoke out there RN atm

  • Lollipops and chocolate bars something similar to themoon bars

  • If it’s possible to get Dissolvable THC powder packets. I’m been dying to get those again, hands down One of the best highs I ever had.

  • Indica heavy/full indica refills. Lots of hybrids but have only seen a couple full indica.

  • I’m with @Bobn218 more indica refills please

  • Don't fix....what ain't broke........

  • Black Lime Reserve is probably the most well rounded strain ive ever had. Any form! Imagine a pine soaked lime, soaked in fuel picked from a misty Forrest. Stunning, the lineage is Hall of Fame status!

  • @medmama. I concur on the hash. And heavy duty tootie fruity is a dope ass strain. Or fruity tootie; I might have mixed those two up. Those 4 gram hash pucks was cool

  • @jparkerj72485. Try some good quality Tongkat Ali and supplement with some ferment korean ginger. has good quality. That stuff will get you rocking again!

  • Some of the shatter and waxes have kicked up the bedroom experience but can't think strain specific atm unfortunately sorry @jparkerj72485

  • More potent and variation in the carts would be great (not the syringes)

  • Luv the psychedelics!

  • @jparkerj72485 I can't speak to the source. There's a lot of different brands....

  • Thc flavors syrups. 8oz

  • I'm almost out of the Outdoor Sunset Sherbert you had a while back @medmama 🙁..that was some of the best I've had..excellent for sleep! Any chance that grower has more?

  • @superman38NC the way that my body and mind responds to it, that batch of Sunset Sherbet is some of the finest medicine I've ever had. Doesn't make me sleepy, but it will turn a bad day on a dime. I'm hoarding it, but I'm down under a 1/4 and that's sad. :disappointed: Please may we have some more? :smile:

  • @TheProfessor that's how I been with the miracle whip, that stuff is gas, kept forget but finally brought my dude a nug that he fired up while I was there yesterday and he was immediately smitten as well lol

  • @medmama thank you for the great service you provide. These are the strains I would like to see in the future.

    Atomic Northern Lights
    Purple Panty Dropper
    Dragon OG
    Sour Cookies
    White Tahoe Cookies
    Fire Alien Kush

    thank you and stay safe.

  • I luv you mama!!!! Your latest indica tears are very nice!!!

  • great strains there @Sanada4real :joy:

    I would add
    Brisker OG
    Peanut Butter Cookies
    Banana Buttercups / BBC x Grape Rock Candy
    Chocolate Mint OG
    Amherst Sour Diesel
    Strawberry Cough

  • i always have crazy strains i would love to try, as well as old classics
    Super Silver Haze
    Sour Bluetooth
    Platinum Cookies/Candyland

  • Thc:Cbd 1:1 Assorted Syrups PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!
    Like the 4 oz, 1500 mg Syrups that Medicine Love carried or something similar. 😊

  • bring back Mimosa Diamonds. they were fire

  • @medmama I just wanted to say thanks for putting up more strains for insomnia. I was going to sample all of them but because of Medicineman's recent litecoin notification problems I haven't gotten my samples yet and it's been at least 2 weeks since I ordered. I emailed Medboy about it though. I've been getting some GOOD bud for insomnia though from Loud. I have meds for insomnia but I prefer to use cannabis if I have the choice to decide. For those that are reading this comment, Medicineman has ALWAYS delivered though in my case.

  • Medman thank you for another order of 4oz gmo cookies just received it today. I’ve since ice capz it has 99% thc can you get that in?

  • more vape variety (not the refills)

  • would like to see Harlequin flower added

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