Alien Bubba

I was wondering after doing a search on the full site, and nothing showing up if any of the veterans here have ever had Alien Bubba.

I've had Bubba's Gift which was amazing.

Just curious how these two awesome kush strains crossed are.

Any reviews from past, and future batches are welcomed as well as pics.


  • I just received my split of Alien Bubba, and Royal Kush.
    I decided to go straight for the Alien.
    I'll post some crappy cell pics as soon as I'm not on Pluto! šŸš€

    The smell is so kushy, and straight up skunk. I still have the baggy in hand, and I'm still smelling it. I know, a bit obsessive. Haha

    It's sticky, sticky! As a fact, it got a little caught up in my grinder. After grinding it, it was super fluffy.
    I didn't find it dry.

    A perfect indica in my opinion!

    Thank you @medmama for this offering!!

    @medman @medboy thank you for this service


  • Awesome, definitely interested in how the alien kush is and looks and the royal as well now that you mention it lol

  • @MigraineWarrior79 The Alien sounds pretty good, but Iā€™m more interested in your review of the Royal Kush. Mine should come tomorrow, with some Skywalker a day or two behind that. Iā€™m hoping the RK will be a good sleep aid.

  • Nice review love some kush

  • So it's an indica? What effects stood out for ya?

  • Nice! Appreciate the review!

  • The indica effects definitely stand out to me as I could easily take a nap right now, but that's the relaxing point of it.

    There's a cerebral effect too with energy as well!

    So, my initial take from it was an indica slap right away, but it melted into a nice hybrid that eventually relaxes ya. @MikeyC

    After all the yard clean up for storm prep today, I'll definitely get into the Royal Kush a little later and letcha know about it with pics

    As well as those promised Alien Bubba pics

  • Thanks! Appreciate it. An hour after both hitting the blueberry zkittlez my wife and I had a great time! That one was spot on but very indica.

  • @TheProfessor I would be interested in what you think of the skywalker when you get it please

  • @MikeyC my hubby and I really liked the blueberry zkittlez as well!

  • Will do @Rubygirl816! I've had Skywalker OG several times from here. I have trouble sleeping and it's one of my favorite sleep generally knocks me out! I'm down to my last couple of bowls but I still have a little Blackberry Kush, and some brand new Royal Kush to try. ID says the Skywalker OG will be here Tuesday!

  • Just finished a "special 98" raw preroll I stuffed this morning, and lit up around 10, then put out.
    It feels like I'm sinking into my bed. Nice & relaxed

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