Spam posts

It would appear that spammers have infiltrated our fair forum.


  • I just deleted a bunch of spam threads. Looks like that will be one of my daily duties going forward...

  • Yeah once they find an open forum to post in, word gets around. Just keep that ban button warmed up. If your tech can block by IP address anywhere outside the USA that helps 👍

  • If there is a setting where posts can be automatically removed after a certain number of flags, we could help you out. I've been flagging them.

  • I like the flag-tag idea, maybe limit that to established members to avoid any potential future abuse.

    I will volunteer for spam removal. I don't care to have any "real" admin rights, been there done that, but wouldn't mind coming in every day and clearing out the trash.

  • These are great ideas, thanks! At the moment we're swamped with trying to fix our order form. Once that fire is put out I'll pass on these suggestions to our tech team.

  • I have been with mb & mm since 2013 we are better off to let them take care of the spam . Not the first time something like this has happened those that have been around since the start of the site know anything that pops up it's always taken care of . To risky to involved outside help .

  • Regardless, this will have to wait, alas. First priority is to get the order form working again...

  • I don't usually post, but please remove these spammers. They are extremely annoying.

  • I do, as soon as I find them.

  • Can you prevent links from being posted? That may be a way to stop them.

  • I ran a message board a few years ago and we had this issue as well. What stopped it was placing a "manual review before joining" condition on that site.

  • edited October 2019

    Probably not the greatest idea but why not make the forms for customers only. At least to be able to post on the forms. I mean there's a ton of information for any new customer if they had any questions to read on the forms all ready.

  • Another option would be removing the ability to post new threads until you comment a few times on others.

  • It gets worse if the feckers start posting within
    Legit threads, as a forum admin of 4+ sites over the past 20+ years believe me on this 😕

  • Medboy - We need a way to report fake accounts. I found one ( that is fake but see no way to flag it. There are others, some with links to blogs, ad sites, etc. as well ( but these haven't posted any comments, yet.

  • MM just upgraded the forum software so now we have much better ant-spam protection, yay!

    I have deleted the user you point out, justaguy -- thanks! Lets see how things are going forward. Thanks for everyone's patience!

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