Didn't receive payment confirmation

I ordered a 1/2 of sour d monday and immediately paid. I never recieved payment confirmation even though the transaction completed. on top of that I filled out the contact form and received no response in well over 24 hours. im not sure what is going on but now i will run out and with ptsd thats bad for me. anyone else have a similar experience? do i need to reply to the order email instead of the contact form? has this happened to anyone else?


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    If you made the payment then 100% we're going to honor the purchase so no worries there. Pro-tip, if you want to know you're order is set and being processed go to a blockchain site like https://blockstream.info and plugin the wallet address we gave you. It should have 2 transactions. The one where you sent it to us and the one that we transfer to our destination wallet. If it has 2 transactions you are 100% set..you don't even need to write to us.

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    thanks for the info i looked it up on blockcypher.com since the explorer mentioned was only for btc, and when i enter the wallet address they gave me it shows i sent the money but i cant see where they transfered it into another wallet. its only showing 1 transaction. either way i hope medboy can straighten it out. i guess they are just taking a while to get to me most likely because of the full inbox im sure they have with shipping concerns or i screwed up somehow attempting to contact them. again thanks for posting because now i know there is record of the transaction so they can see i paid them. I was freaking out but now I have a better understanding how these transactions work after reading your post. something just went wrong because it's just sitting in that wallet lol. If I run out it's my own fault for not ordering sooner. next time I will order a week early in case computers screw something up mm has to fix again! Thanks!

  • Yeah definitely get their attention on that should be 2 transactions you putting it in and it giving 6 out, I had couple recently that I got repeat payment request emails for after already recieved confirmation but was assured just a glitch and recieved one those mon

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    They just messaged me problem solved!!!!!!! Thank You @medboy and @medman!!!!! Things go wrong in life sometimes, but it's how they are handled that matters. They fixed it I just hope they aren't mad I sent 2 contact forms lol. thanks again!

  • Awesome!

  • Good stuff

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