👑Royal Kush

I haven't gotten into it just yet, but here's a couple of pics of the 2 huge nugs I was sent.



  • Wow they just look dank. Good stuff.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Thanks for the pictures, two nice looking buds for sure! Ours should be delivered tomorrow!

  • I wish I had a high definition cam for you guys so yall could see the crystals on these buds, but alas, I do not.
    I hope you get pretty buds too @TheProfessor

    They sure do smell dank!

    It's gonna smoke so nice once I do in about an hour; I'm waiting out all the effects of Alien Bubba, so I'll have an almost pure RK experience.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 no worries about the pics, but nice to know that it looks even better in person! I ordered within 30 minutes of it going up on the menu Saturday night, so I'm hoping my order was pretty high on the queue Monday morning.

  • My review
    Only what I can get out
    Holy fuck
    Get. The. Kush.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 LOL...I can't wait! It'll be a nice relaxing...and hopefully in the end, a knocked out Friday night!

  • It's great when you have those "holy fuck" moments with some green. Awesome review & thank you for the pics!

  • Damn, I already have a few orders floating out there but now I’m gonna have to pull the trigger on some royal before it’s all gone

  • Im laughing at my damn self
    But, yes @Vapedad78 it's "holy fuck" good, at least, in my opinion
    I had a nice little nap with pipe in hand!
    I do recall telling my Pop over the cell phone "damn, this reminds me of the 1st time I ever smoked"
    Next thing I remember was fixing my 30oz Yeti mug full of ice and water, then putting it on the table, chilling in the recliner with my pipe.
    Good night

  • @MigraineWarrior79 sounds like exactly what I was looking for. I have so many daytime and evening strains, but I’m running out of my sleep strains! Sounds like a winner! I hope I can recreate your experience! 😂

  • All the greenhouse has treated me feet well.

  • My oz of Royal Kush arrived today...ordered last Saturday night. Really incredible buds! I have one that weighed in a 4.9g! Still too early to try it yet based on your experience last night @MigraineWarrior79...we'll wait until closer to bedtime before we indulge! ID says that the Skywalker OG we ordered Tuesday night will be here Tuesday! Skywalker OG has always been one of my top "sleep" strains. We'll see how Royal Kush stacks up!

  • @TheProfessor
    I'm excited for you guys to try out!!
    I need to invest in a scale, so I can weigh things again. I definitely would be interested to know what my biggest nug weighs!

    I'm going to decided to pass on the Skywalker, and went for some Ghost OG.

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    Man.. i don't know why i never realized it.. but i honestly don't think i've seen a truly bomb OG from this site yet. granted, i haven't been here that that long. and i'm sure there's been some thru here. but i've kinda been waiting for a premium to show up & i haven't seen one yet.

    i want some premium WiFi.. Brisker OG .. Gary Payton, ( and Scottie Pippen) , Executive.. or how bout Rare Dankness 501st OG . preferably from the same grower from Loud who grew the Sunset Sherb & wedding cake. (is this the same grower as the Dolato @LoudnCo ??) how bout Chocolate Mint OG? (would love to see these seeds from Humboldt Seed get over to some growers !) Tahoe OG.. Fire OG.. AFK Triangle Kush X 3 Bears OG(!!!!). OHHH YEAH ok so i did see one come thru medman , the Bear Creek . haha. didn't remember til i started rattling off OG's and came to the word "bear". . .....weird. man there's alotta OGs . i think it's kinda played out now (to SOME people) because of how huge it got. but man I would love to see some top shelf OGs come thru here.

    Ok, so. yeah. my point still stands. Bring on the OG! lol . also, looking forward to seeing reviews on the Skywalker.. anyone who ordered, please post up a brief review! and/or pic! I got burned last time I went greenhouse AND the last time i got outdoor. so i'm not ordering until i see a review. but i have my eye on the Ghost OG and the skywalker!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 two buds to make up your 1/4 is pretty cool. Big nuggets, and pretty dense. I just had to weigh the one...it's the heaviest bud I've gotten from here! You'll like Ghost!

  • Has anyone tried the current Og kush that mm has right now? I’m still waiting on mine

  • tagging @medmama so she sees my request LOL (and bc she rocks). wonder if i should x-post to the thread on new products.. lol

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    @v32Finish past batches of Skywalker OG have been outstanding, we'll see next week how this Greenhouse stacks-up. The Greenhouse Royal Kush is beautiful!
    Tahoe OG used to pop up regularly, it's one of my favorites, but it has been noticeably absent for some time.

  • interesting. thanks, @TheProfessor !! appreciate it. yeah, i will just continue to keep an eye on it. that Royal Kush looks pretty amazing too!

  • Had like a nearly 6g bud of the melonade in that bag, haven't tried any it yet tho

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    @Vapedad78 6g is a big bud...thinking mail-order cannabis!

    The Royal Kush is indeed outstanding! It does not have the immediate "knock-out" effect that some strains have had on me, but it relaxes so absolutely that sleep is inevitable. It's a really smooth smoke, no harshness at all. It's also quite tasty vaped...as I will be, no doubt, asleep soon. I am once again just amazed with the quality, effects, and cost! This time it was from MedMama, last time it was from Loud, next time...does it matter?
    Good night!
    Thanks Medicineman!

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    Woke up around 4:00am...vaped a little bit more of the Royal Kush and back to sleep I went...not always an easy task. If you like heavy indica's and heavy indica hybrids like Royal Kush, this batch is a real winner! Also, the wife told me that ID had updated our scheduled Tuesday delivery of the Skywalker OG. Apparently, it's out for delivery today in OH! Ordered late Tuesday night! Our packages have been moving pretty fast!

  • @TheProfessor
    So happy the RK is working out for sleep like you were hoping, and you guys are getting an early delivery of Skywalker!

  • @TheProfessor please do report on the Skywalker!! i'm literally frozen like a deer in the headlights. I can only order 1 strain and i am really jammed up between Mimosa, skywalker/venom OG, and jungle cake.



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    @v32Finish I can report that the Skywalker looks and smells really good. Not picture perfect, but mostly medium sized buds...no large buds like the last batch of Skywalker OG (I gifted a colleague a big fluffy bud of Skywalker from the last batch that was almost 4g). Also, these buds are not as dense as the Royal Kush. Ground up a little to smoke/vape...maybe both in a couple hours. If it's good, I might be able to report something, if it's great, I might not. :wink:

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    nice!! thanks Prof. glad it came & you have it all squared away!

  • @v32Finish We started a little early...thumbs up for the Skywalker OG! Heavy indica body relaxation and mental sedation! The Royal Kush and Skywalker OG are both winners! Definitely the heavy hitting medicine I was looking for!

  • Royal Kush just arrived. Big buds great smell and stone. All over body high. I would definitely by it again.

  • Thanks @TheProfessor! Definitely going to grab the skywalker.

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