Paid almost 2 days ago still no answer 😕

I have ordered many times but this time is a problem I paid through coinbase October 7th I sent screen shot to medmama with payment proof still nothing. No answer any ideas peeps. I love medman but what is going on help me


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    @615don they may be having a server problem usually MB gets back to you quickly unless there is a server problem If you check the transaction on CB and it should indicate that it went through, confirm the wallet number too ... I always cut and paste it and then verify the first and last digits to make sure I didn’t cut anything off if everything matches up my guess is ur good ( I stress guess )

  • Wasn’t there a song called The Wait, or was that The Weight?

  • Did you check the blockchain stuff to make sure there were 2 transactions involving the wallet address they gave

  • I did and nothing there i double checked the wallet address from the email they sent i copied and pasted it to coinbase. Its showing as sent but when I tried the block chain address nothig pops up. I even sent medman my wallet add. Still no answer from them

  • Look at the link above and find that blockchain site @615don

  • I went to it shows my sent payment but says 1 transaction like they didn't take my litecoin or something its weird i have had dozens of smooth transactions and never had a issue so idk what else to do I have already tried several emails to medman and one from medman website email form. So we shall see

  • @615don I have had a Loud package in pre-shipment since 9/25 and it been a day or so since I heard from @medboy so I'm thinking he is swamped. Anyway it's probably not you. Good Luck

  • Not sure have had no issues @medman i have had many successful orders ans usually no more than a hour before i get my we have received your payment email its been 2 days and nothing.

  • I've had a package or 2 go 14 days but recently it's been 4 or less

  • I just hope I didnt mess something up on my end. But According to coinbase and blockcypher I sent the right amount and to right wallet. I would hate to be out of almost 600$ fingers crossed i will update when I hear some news from @medman

  • I use coinmama. Copy and paste the wallet address and they send it there automatically. No need to have your own wallet

  • Coinbase is like that I have not had any issues before just this order placed 2 days ago and still no word oh magical powerful @medman give me a sign a little email to let me know something

  • hey i hope you get it sorted out, man! that sucks. i know i would be freaking out a little bit too, but don't worry, man!! your stuff will come thru. i had a problem with mine not too long ago, it wasn't as bad as yours with 2 days or whatever, but i usually get my confirmation in under 5 minutes.. and then i put in an order in the morning at work.. i never got the email until that night.. over 12 hrs later.

    so yeah. things happen. but i'm pretty sure if the money was sent, then you're good . just wait to talk to @medboy and let him look into it

  • Thanks everyone I hope to hear from @medboy or @medman soon will keep the thread updated till I find out what's going on. I'm little frustrated but I understand stuff happens. And I'm not completely out of meds which helps also

  • They also have been having a lot of trouble with their email too. I know it’s rough, I’m waiting too, but mm will get back to you/me soon as they can I’m sure. They are really good about handling stuff.

  • I hope its a email problem or some small issue I did everything like usual. Have had no issues prior to this one im sure medman will fix our issues Good luck to you as well

  • the great one medman himself wrote me a email earlier today assuring me im good 👍

  • Must be a glitch somewhere as I am encountering the same issue. Never any issues in 5 years but Saturday I order, pay and usually confirmation in an hour. None so far. Checked ltc blockchain explorer and only a receive transaction no send. Sent mail to medboy, will have to be patient I suppose. I was hoping to catch some Wedding Crasher before it disappeared.

  • Oh man kinda makes me weary to order but that's few other things I wouldn't mind trying out while it's screaming my name

  • @bluedreamer I ordered Saturday too and had the fastest confirmation ever 8 minutes via coinbase so I don’t think the glitch is on MM’s side ???

  • Man you guys that use Coinbase would save so much money in fees if you switch to cashapp over time. On just a $100 purchase you save almost 4 bucks on CashApp between the two transaction fees. Plus it’s about 10 times quicker. Transactions go through almost immediately. Just my take and my opinion. I understand some people love Coinbase. I just want you know there’s a cheaper option out there. Peace

  • Tried getting approved on CashApp but because I'm a health care worker, I had to shave my mustache and beard so my n95 mask is effective. My new face doesn't match any other photo ID I have right now so they rejected me from buying btc. Already have a coinbase wallet that I've used for 5+ years without issue. Used ltc for this purchase and it shows up on the block chain as received by mm's wallet address. No send transaction yet. I don't believe it's on my end.

  • And my fees for sending the ltc was .004 ltc.

  • I sell and trade bitcoin and coinbase allows me to easily move assests from bc to cash and back and back and forth from my bank . I haven't made much recently because the price has been stable but over the past year the ups netted me enough to pay for several orders. If you do the research it can be worth it....but it can very volatile and risky. Some people buy BC just to make a purchase, others to invest and others to do both. The vendor you choose should be the one that best suits your needs. Kind of like strains , I guess??

  • I had the same problem and made a post which is now on page 2. I used ltc on coinbase as well. i'll use bc next time and see if that works better but i usually use ltc with no issues until last week

  • Well I hope they can figure out my issue in as timely a manner. Just as a test did another small order using btc this time. No issues at all. Got confirmation in an hour. Must be a server or a litecoin hiccup. We shall see...

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