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Ok you asked for them and you got em! We have some more microdose capsules as well as some san pedro coming up on the board soon as well. And no we have no plans to add other substances at this time (e.g. lsd, mdma etc).



  • Thanks!

  • Yes sir ordering a 8th of both @medman your awsome

  • @MoonMan5
    I'm getting an 8th of the candy

  • @MigraineWarrior79 & @MoonMan5 Please let us know how it is.

  • @medman awesome that the request from others worked. def curious about the san pedro. Thanks again

  • Ordering a zip now! Yes, lmk on candy please!!! I have a few San Pedro pups(Never tried mescaline), looking forward to the San Pedro from you @medman u rock!!! Never tried it before and open to it!

  • Got my order of Taj Mahal in!. 10 years since I've seen trusted shrooms. Thanks @medman

  • @MizterNiceGuy how did you recieved so quick they literally just posted the shrooms

  • Aaaaaa!!! Ok so someone help me! I had a mushroom chocolate bar once that I just took a bite out of and it was wonderful medicine. I’ve never done raw shrooms and there’s no mg dosage info on the candy.

  • @Zackarrry i think he meant he got his order in.

  • Just ordered a quarter of the Taj Mahal, can’t wait! Thanks @medman and @medmama

  • Yes @Zackarrry @cancerwarrior I just ordered 2 ounces. Excuse my slang.

  • I’ve always wanted to try them but I’m kinda scared I’ll have a bad trip. I have heard stories. But it is awesome to see them being offered. I might give them a try because I trust MedicineMan

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    @Kris10 set and setting is the most important thing during a trip. Shrooms are fun. Hard to have a really bad trip unless you take a heroic dose. Now mescaline is another animal altogether. If shrooms are an ipa mescaline is whisky. Too much mescaline and you will travel through different dimensions for 12+ hours. Never seen anyone have a bad trip in my group but set and setting were always observed. Aging pyschonaut Sponge singing off. Over

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    @Kris10 agreed with sponge pail. Shrooms are pretty tame compared to other hallucinogens and unless you gobble a huge dose they will give you the extreme giggles and enhanced colors and strange visual effects.

    Trip indoors with a friend or “trip sitter” at first and you’ll be fine. The effects generally last only several hours (4-6) with a ramp up and peak in the middle of the journey. Unlike acid, there is no next day hangover.

    One tip I tell all new trippers is never look into a mirror. Humans were not designed to look that deeply into their souls. Keep it light and breezy. Music, art, fun food and libations. Go to nature for a walk. And remember, it is you who are altered- not the world around you.

    I did shrooms about a year ago and decided I’m just sticking to herb. After a couple hours shroomin I just wanted the effects to be over. I’m just getting old I guess 😆

    Oh and the “raw” shrooms go down easier with a little smear of peanut butter. Good luck! 👍

  • Just start with a small dose and work from there if you're nervous about it. Do not just keep eating them like you might do with cannabis edibles. Takes awhile (30-60 minutes) to kick in.

  • OMG I am so excited! Just placed my order. YAAAY!!

  • Ya know what’s jacked up, cannabis edibles don’t process in my body but shrooms do 🤔 anyone else?

  • @Kris10
    I'm a shroom virgin too! I'm going to start slow, then build up

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    @cancerwarrior your not eating enough lol. @medman sorry if i overlooked this or anyone else can pitch in as well. Is the weight on the candy actual weight of fungus or how much weight is candy? Thanks! For anyone else, if your scarred start small and stay small for a long time. 1 g. If you want to see the elves go for 10-12 g. Anybody ever been to pine lakes in the late 90s and drop a BUNCH of that paper at some harvest fest? Good times. Had like 19 doses in 1 weekend and aint been the same sense. Thank God!

  • @cancerwarrior same here in a way. I have to take insane amounts of thc if I’m gonna feel anything off an edible, like 300 mg

  • @cancerwarrior yes! Me too, i have to eat ungodly amounts of thc to feel anything shrooms, I can drink,eat, whatever besides smoke really lol

  • How much do you need to take to feel it?

  • @DudleyDiccle id say somewhere between .5-1g first timer/body weight! Start small and if you don’t feel it .5 increments is how I always go.

  • I agree starting small for a first timer, but going too small may also bring disappointment.

    For perspective, and for a nice but not unbearable trip, experienced travelers usually gobble 3-4 gms. Thing is with shrooms the difference between feeling it and FEELING IT is about finding the proper dosage, which has several variables to factor in. So yeah it takes a little practice to find your personal dose 😃

    For example, my wife - a recent first timer - ate about 2g and waited about 120 mins. She felt a bit “funny” and was “seeing some weird stuff.” So I steeped her a cup of hot tea with another gram or so of shroom powder and about half hour later she was rollin nicely.

    Couple of tips cuz I’m wired from watching the election:

    Weigh out doses using a gram scale. You need to find your sweet spot. Here’s an easy dosing calculator to use as a guide:

    Best on empty stomach but even shrooms may cause puking or cramps in some people like mescaline or peyote or ayahuasca often does. Never happened to me but if you’re sensitive take with food. It will only slow the onset.

    Cubes can be pretty gross tasting and fresh ones can have a challenging texture, but chew thoroughly before swallowing for best results.

    Don’t trip alone unless you’re experienced. Having a designated driver even if all you do is sit and giggle on the couch all night is generally a good idea.

    With the above said, hopefully goes without saying, don’t drive a vehicle while tripping.

    Some believe eating an orange as a chaser may intensify or speed onset. Jury still out on this one.

    Don’t smoke shrooms. It really does nothing.

    Be spontaneous but plan ahead. Create a trip plan. Chances are you won’t stick to it completely but you’ve got hours to kill while your brain occupies a different dimension. A little control when you’re out of control can be a good thing.

    When making tea, grind the shrooms and put into a cup of boiled water that has stopped boiling. Steep at least 5 mins and swallow the grounds. Honey and a little milk makes it go down easier for me.

    You’re likely to be pretty fkd up for a while so don’t expect alcohol or other inebriations to register much during your main tripping cycle. Be safe and stick to soft drinks, Powerade works well for me, good electrolytes. Weed pairs well but save the edibles and concentrates for another day. Popping a few N2O cartridges during peak can be amusing 🤪

    Caps and stems have pretty much the same potency. I like to make sure splits are even anyways.

    If considering microdosing, as little as 0.5 - 2mg titrated on a regular schedule has been shown to provide benefit. The key here is not feeling anything. Here’s a thick article to check:

    Even though you now have a hallucinogen under your belt, don’t ever smoke salvia divinorum (aka Sage of the diviners) Just trust an old guy on this, it will totally blow your mind (and bend your fukin body right in half like you’re being drawn inside a cartoon. Seriously.)

    Bon voyage, don’t forget to write! 🍄

  • @funkynugz is that anything like a moonflower trip lol. Dont do that either.

  • I always throw mine in some good ol, hot, Lipton sweet tea.... works every time

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    @groundscreeper not sure about that. But I broke a cardinal salvia rule and experimented on my own. Never in my life have I been that out of control of my mind or body. It was like being a human roller coaster. Luckily a trip only lasts for about 10 mins. Scared as hell but giggling like a madman flopping around on my bed like a recently landed fish. Never again.

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