Are deliveries speeding up?

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Post election, are we noticing any difference in delivery speed?


  • Our ID seems to be working. Ordered from WA Tuesday. Label was created late Wednesday. Picked up by USPS today and set for delivery Monday to OH. Six days from WA, not too bad. My order last week from Loud came in eight days. Haven't ordered from MedMama for awhile, but our last two orders were only four days.

  • They were I had a couple orders from medmama show in 6 days but since I ordered the shrooms I haven’t seen labels created or anything. So I’m just patiently waiting. Pulled out an 1/8 of jaeger this was a great strain

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    My order from MedMama is sitting in my local post office just this evening and if it wasn't for no deliveries on Sunday, I would have had a 5 day delivery to west Texas.

  • My package from loud left WA Friday and it hit NC tonight. Should be here Monday. Last week had order leave medmama Tuesday and no shit, had it Thursday. Considering most of my packages were “arriving late” for a long time, seems like it’s getting better. Might depend on where you live too.

  • I'm not so sure. Before 2020 my orders always arrived in 6-7 days. I placed two orders last Thursday, and nothing. I use a PO box for discretion, and I don't have ID. It's frustrating when you can count on an order arriving like clockwork for four years, then for everything to change to the point that I have no idea when it will arrive.

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    My orders used to arrive in 4 days. Like clockwork. Now it’s usually 7 or more but the shift happened long before the election 🤷‍♂️

    Order arrived today. 6 days.

  • I have had one in preship from mama since the 12th

  • @Highguy I have one from 13th that way but recently had one that never scanned after label created but showed up under a week

  • October 27 order was "In transit-arriving late" until yesterday when it disappeared. 14 grams of Hippie Crippler. Remember when that was on the menu? Good times.

  • @Vapedad78 I wish that was what happened to mine because it would be here now, but at least it did start moving this morning

  • Guys I have never had to wait very long on any products so far. Now my order is still in LA. I ordered last Monday from Loud - spend big bucks for me >$600 (cause I am retired). ID is not working for me right now. I need some THC!

  • October 27 order still missing, still "disappeared" from ID. MedBoy will investigate with the shipper...

  • We could send out two packages to the same address at the same time and they could be delivered a week apart. I would definitely not say the USPS is anywhere near back to normal.

  • I just had a two day delivery happen on the east coast

  • I always got my package within 3days from package accepted to doorstep
    East coast

  • Same here usually but a two day delivery is pretty impressive

  • Why would my package be shipped first class mail and not priority mail?

  • Probably because all we pay is five dollars for shipping, no matter what we buy, and they are going to ship it the cheapest way, especially if it’s small items. Like if I order a few refills, they will ship first class, but if I had some bud to it, it will be sent priority, in a box, wether it’s a plain brown box, or a priority box. Just my thought on the subject

  • My package has been in town since yesterday ( tracking says delivery on the 18th )but not delivered yet and I feel if it had been shipped priority it would be here now. Been ordering for a few years and always thought all shippers always shipped priority, now I know they do not. Thanks

  • 8 days...4 days for a label. loud&co. Seems too be usual.

  • Mine been running round wk consistently besides the one that took detour and extra 2 weeks, waiting on 1 from 13th from ma and another from earlier yesterday which should have label soon

  • Good news. My package is found and in Greensboro NC. Getting closer. Praise the lord!

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