Gift for MM crew

Would anyone besides me be willing to send a few extra bucks for the MM crew who work so hard for us all year..We all know time's are hard right now, everybody's asking when we get a discount. Why not give back if MM will allow it, a little security from the people who receive the help to those who provide it. Think about it you could make a difference for someone else this year. MNTING PROBLEMS


  • Yes sirrrr

  • Yes good idea

  • I love these guys just as much as the other but why just give them money for nothing yes they run a 5 star business and are really awesome guys and work hard all year but that's their job they chose they shouldn't get free money for doing what they chose to do and it's not a hostile post at all I love all you guys I just don't understand why people suggest this all the time

  • See @Zackarrry has a point also we all work and provide a service as they do but i do look at them like life savers bc they send my bud to me lol so yea i can see both points

  • I'll be tipping my mail carrier, not MedMan or the shippers. I suspect they make a nice and tidy living. As they should! Federal prison is no joke. I will certainly contribute to a legal defense fund, in the event it becomes necessary. Let's pray that never happens.

  • I missed when you did reviews.

  • OK just a though and it's not money for nothing. It's been dropped and I knew it would. Man I take care of my mail carrier year round, he's a cool old guy and i know his family's names. I'm from a state that will throw me away without a second thought so the gifting of little shows my heart..A 5 Star business that takes care of me when no one else will. I didn't mean to waste anyone's time.

  • @MNTDWLER I didn't mean to be dismissive of your idea. I actually like the idea of sending MedMan, Loud, MedMama, the new Medboy a gift, something personalized. Just not bitcoins. That feels weird. Of course, asking for an address to send a gift basket sounds like something a federal agent might try. Hire a skywriting plane, maybe? What would the message be?

    @MikeyC I'll probably start reviewing cannabis once I start ordering more. I've been smoking a lot of CBD flower because the THC bud seems to exacerbate my COVID-19 symptoms. CBD/hemp does not, especially the deep purple flowers.

    My most recent purchase, Oaktown Crippler, is superb, I must say. It's been covered elsewhere, but it's just great everyday herb. One day my Hippie Crippler might arrive, but by then any review will be obsolete, anyway...waiting, hoping for some new, fun outdoor options. I'm actually trying to sit on my hands to keep from ordering Frankenstein. Sounds like that's a strain I've got to get a full ounce of if I order...

  • While everyone appreciates the thought, enjoying the products and keeping this community active is thanks enough. :)

  • @georgetirebiter if you can grab it before it’s gone, the Frankenstein is exceptional!

  • Ty for the oaktown crippler recommendation.

    Side note: I feel bad that kratom doesn't work for your chemistry @georgetirebiter as it is does for me- it has made the last 4 years exceptionally fruitful (work promotions, professional accreditation, being a patient parent, weight loss, accreditation in physical/martial arts circles, etc), but I micro dose it and wasn't using it as a replacement for pain pills but it made me choose to stop drinking as well.

    That being said have you tried the tinctures here?

  • @medboy well played sir

  • @MoonMan5 I can see your point too homie. I think a thank you card would do just as well or something of that sort. every since I moved where I am now it's so hard to find good people with good vibes to hang with. I hate drama and wont participate in it period. itd be nice to have some one to test these strains out besides by myself lol oh well always been a lone fog

  • I gave in @MoonMan5 and got some wedding cake and grape ape shatter medmama has the best shatter I've had in a long time I love the consistency

  • @Zackarrry hey let me know how those are bc im goimg to try and order those soon

  • @MikeyC Kratom did help me get over the hump when I was kicking pain pills (and benzos...and (sigh) methamphetamines. When I got over the sickness of withdrawal, I found that my method of ingestion--capsules, as many as 20/day--was gunking up my guts. I have a low tolerance for fiber. So I started making tea with it. I will still occasionally make tea when I find unexpected packets of powder lying around, but the ordeal was time-intensive for the effects it gave me. I agree that it's a powerful and useful drug, just not for me, at this time.

  • @MikeyC hey bro, had a quick question about Kratom. Currently kicking an opiate habit. I’m down to just 10 mg a day but just can’t seem to come off that last pill. Do you think kratom could help me? I’ve been doing some research on it but I’d love to hear about someone’s personal experience. Any feedback you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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