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Hello everyone! I am so excited to have found this and cannot wait to get my first order. I am 47 years old and have been using this for anxiety and depression since I was 22. However you are talking about someone who learned everything from a 1970s hippie and have always lived in an illegal state. So my actual knowledge of modern terminology and minutia on the subject is limited to old-school stuff. Thus I have questions like:

what do you do with Keefe butter? Do you apply it to food or is it something you can ingest? Can you burn it?

What are moon rocks? Is it wax rolled in Keefe?

What is the biggest difference between Indica and sativa? Is it just the effect or is it varied details too much to go into here?

What time does everyone suggest for anxiety and depression? I just ordered some purple punch so I’m gonna try that out for the first time ever

I guess I’m just too old school. Rolling joints and the like. I would appreciate any help or suggestions anyone can give me, or even links to do my own research. Thank you


  • @OzBaxter yeah I read that wrong too lol, it's regular kief and butter og is strain . I've only gotten the nyc diesel kief but it's good stuff, still got like a g cause just use as bowl topper, did try pressing tiny bit with hair straightener but not really enough to get more than lil hit of res, haven't had the purple punch but I'm sure there's a dedicated thread if search in top right corner

  • Thank you! Okay I can see using the keif as a topper, that makes sense. I’m excited to try the Purple Punch. I’ve never had the chance to enjoy specific strains or types by choice. It was always just whatever I could find through normal connections. So being able to order and choose what I want is a dream come true.

  • @OzBaxter you should enjoy the Purple Punch. It’s a heavy indica leaning hybrid that’s pretty sedating. Its a very relaxing mental high, with heavy body effects. It’s one of my favorite night time strains.

  • @OzBaxter right lol? It's friggin amazing having ability to actually choose what medication might work best for you as opposed to just settling for whatever usually over priced misnamed stuff is around

  • Thanks @TheProfessor ! I'm looking forward to it. I just ordered a little to start to see how this process/business works and if it was legit enough to actually get to my door. But I see spending a looot of money here LOL

  • @Vapedad78 Yes! I hate being at the mercy of local "sellers" (i.e. back alley contacts where you can either get gold or stems, you never know)

  • Oh another question: I have the ID thing from the post office. How can I use that to see if my package is shipping?

  • Just log into postal account and check ID

  • @OzBaxter you will see packages from medmama come from CA and Loud is WA

  • @OzBaxter welcome!! I would recommend getting the Informed Delivery app on your phone if possible.

    It was a bit of a hassle for me to set up , and get working properly, but once I did, I can now just tap the app icon and within 10 seconds see every package for everyone in my family - anything on its way to us from USPS.

    give that a shot! you have to link it to a USPS account etc.

    i was hoping someone would answer with a technical answer about indica vs sativa.. lol.. i know the difference obviously but not enough to give like a biological or scientific breakdown, but.. yeah. 3 types of cannabis basically. cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, being the 2 main ones, and cannabis ruderalis being the more rare one that they use mostly to make autoflowering strains (its origins being traced to very high latitudes(?) , meaning extreme periods of daylight - hence why it "auto" flowers without the switch to 12hrs/12hrs.)

    beyond this very crude and elementary description, i'd be hard pressed to give any more technical details; however it is widely accepted that indicas are more "heavy" flowers, more suited for evening or sleep, etc.. while sativas are known more to be daytime, energetic, productive type flowers.. and most nowadays are hybrids. vast majority. and fall somewhere in between.

    what else. i think everyone covered everything else; i also mis-read the Butter OG kief thing and recommended they change the title , but its all good. i am eagerly awaiting more GSC type strains to drop, & exciting new things coming down the pipeline :smiley:


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    Didn't even mean to but waiting on blueberry muffin and blueberry zskittles same ticket, maaaan that just made me want it more thinking of all that berry goodness lol sorry not tryna hijack your post just hit the Regen forgot to make a new post or find similar

  • I like anything heavy Indica. They seem to hit me harder. Just have to find what you like on the flower and order when it’s there. I’ve been satisfied with everything from this place. They won’t let you down.

  • For an new customer my advice: Would be to stick to budget then once your decided order and be patient
    Never pressure the mail service usps about your package your day will come where its happily delivered and appreciated
    Some times is best not to get small quantities

  • Welcome to the fam!
    Places like allbud, leafly, and wikileaf will give you a lot of info on different strains, and which way they lean.
    Never be afraid to ask questions.

  • @OzBaxter I could have written this post. I've been out for 11 years due to work and wow has things changed. This is legit. Been ordering for the past few months. Heads up I hear there is a promo coming up.

  • Hello,

    I wanted to address this one, below:

    What is the biggest difference between Indica and sativa? Is it just the effect or is it varied details too much to go into here?

    You will read about indica and sativa differences being imaginary. You will also read about these differences as if they're medically established fact. Both perspectives are wrong.

    It begins with classification systems. Recall binomial nomenclature? Our herb is Cannabis sativa. That classification was established over a century ago based on physical features of the plant. Morphology and anatomy were the main determinant of the Linnaean classification system, for all organisms, from the time of Linnaeus until recently, when gene sequencing became available.

    At that point, scientists fell into two camps: one that refused to "throw the baby out with the bathwater" (i.e., they insisted on, to some degree, keeping physical features as a basis of classification, if not the basis); the other, to simplify, said, "it's all about the genes." If you recall from a biology class in the past decades, "bacteria" is no longer a single kingdom (it's now two). There are myriad examples throughout biology of unexpected evolutionary relationships that have emerged after genetic analysis.

    Which brings us to indica/sativa. The original indica sub-type of Cannabis sativa had distinctive bud structure (dense and grape-like) and growth form (shrubby, low). The sativa type had looser buds and a tall, rangy growth form. We still use those characteristics as a general guide. These two growth forms occurred in different geographical regions: sativas in tropical areas and indicas in mountainous, colder ecozones. When these terms were developed and first employed, people had zero knowledge of genetics. Despite what some people say and write on the internet, we still know very little about the genetics of cannabis sativa. As far as I know, there's no genetic marker(s) for "indica" or "sativa." It's an unscientific perception of the effects (along with the supporting details of growth form): sativas are perceived to have stimulating mental effects, while indicas are more physically sedating. It's a perception that has no qualitative or quantitative basis for scientific evaluation. It is rooted in the plants lineage, loosely, as best we can guess. In other words, as employed by today's dispensaries, for example, the distinction is unscientific. But that does not mean it's bullshit. Just that no one has undertaken to define their terms in a universal way.

    One day, I'd like to rewrite this so it makes more sense.

    What time does everyone suggest for anxiety and depression? I just ordered some purple punch so I’m gonna try that out for the first time ever

    Shrooms. Not necessarily large doses. Did you know a study by Johns Hopkins showed that psilocybin is more effective than standard antidepressants like Cymbalta? This is not a study by "Chuck's Internet Research Corporation" out of Nairobi. It's Johns Hopkins, in Baltimore, MD. It's known for its school of medicine.

  • You need zkittlez and sundae driver

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    WHOA! I am overwhelmed by how many responses I have gotten! I thought it might be one person that bothered to respond. LOL THANK YOU everyone. I am trying to digest all of the information I'm reading.
    @georgetirebiter your infodump is awesome and actually makes sense to me.

    @MikeyC I've never heard of Sundae Driver LOL I'll definitely look into it

    @Sweettea Right? Cannabis has certainly passed me by since college in the 90's lol

    @Bruno GOOD advice with the budget. I'll be tempted to blow a LOT of money here if I'm not careful

    @MigraineWarrior79 Wikileaf? Good suggestion, thank you! I am not one of those people to pester everyone with questions I could look up myself. But I definitely needed someone pointing me in the right direction.

    @StonedNinjaHippie From what little I can tell, I think I will prefer Indica as well. However, having nothing available to me locally, I think I will enjoy ANYTHING I can get from MM lol ;)

    @v32Finish & @Rubygirl816 Okay I will dl the ID app. I checked it on my browser and it didn't show anything for me other than what is coming to my mail box today. I assume whenever they ship my stuff (paid for on Tuesday) it will show something headed my way from the West Coast (I'm east coast)

  • @OzBaxter This forum seems to go through cycles of interest. I think right now we're seeing an uptick due to this ridiculous coronavirus situation and the wait for outdoor strains. Glad my indica/sativa summary was understandable. I've read too many articles on the subject by people with no knowledge of the history of science and/or evolutionary biology. Apparently my degree was worth something after all!

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    I was hoping that our resident science writer would answer that question, thanks @georgetirebiter. My education is no help, but I understand the basics and certainly the perceptions that come with each type. I generally do not tolerate the cerebral effects of many sativas well, so I generally stick to indica and indica leaning hybrids preferring mild to heavy mental sedation. There's really no science in my decision-making, just generations of anecdotal evidence and trial and error.

  • @MikeyC Sundae Driver for certain! Also, thanks for the Budkups tip. It works absolutely fantastic in the PAX3 with the half-pack lid. Great hits and less mess.

  • @georgetirebiter No man, you explained it fluently and in a way that was neither overly-semantic nor condescending. I appreciate any knowledge you send my way! I could use it LOL I'm not nearly as smart in that area as you are.

    @TheProfessor Yeah, I've randomly run into unknown strains from basic dealers that I really hated. I mean, it would make me too antsy or paranoid. I have had "Purple Erkle" that I know of, specifically, once. I was told it was Indica and I found it to be pure bliss. So that's why I chose Purple Punch as my first order, in hopes that it's somewhere close to the same thing.

  • Got a "LABEL CREATED" on the USPS ID system! WOOOT!!

  • Says it now should deliver by Tuesday! Fingers crossed! lol

  • @OzBaxter sounds like you’ll be having a great Thanksgiving! If you liked the Purple Urkle you should like the Purple Punch. Both are offspring of Granddaddy Purple, another heavy indica. Obviously, there was a lot of Purple Punch choices recently, but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Purple Urkle on the menu here.

  • @TheProfessor Yeah I think indica is where my fondness lies. We’re about to find out because my package is “Out for Delivery” a day early! Whaaaaaat!! LOL!

  • @OzBaxter great! First delivery! Enjoy!

  • Oh yeah man! I got some gorgeous bud!! And MedMama threw in a free joint too lol THANKS MEDMAMA!! This is amazing flower!!’

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