Anybody receive package without informed delivery?

Has anybody in the past 2 weeks receive a package from medmama without it showing anything on informed delivery?



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    Yes, but mine was from Loud. And I have also received several packages from Amazon that did not show up on informed delivery. I think they are on overload.

  • Thanks for response. Not sure what’s going on some people that ordered after me have got labels created already.

  • @samdabs I almost have to think it's been done already. Mine was with Med Jane on the 3rd. My very first order from Med Mama did come without showing up in informed delivery back in October. But all other orders have shown up no problem. It hasn't been 14 days. I see no reason to worry. They seem to take care of everything. So hang tough. The wait sucks though.

  • It's happened to me a few times with deliveries from here, and other online places. ID is definitely an imperfect system!
    I hope the green goddess smiles upon all of us soon with our orders! 💚

  • It has happened to me

  • The process at USPS is cra cra. Right now Informed Delivery is only in time of less than 400 million packages a day. 4 Times this in December, like from Black Friday on. MedMan will deliver. I need the Green Goddess of Lodiville to drop it like it's hot.... Like soon...... 2 weeks out of several...

  • Informed delivery is down right now

  • I just did receive a package that never made it on informed delivery. First time ever from mm.

  • Well that gives me hope.

  • @samdabs same here. Ordered from both Loud and Mama on Friday and no labels for anything. I'll start checking my mailbox on Saturday for the packages.

  • @nugget07 same for me I ordered Friday from loud.this not having a label sucks because you dont know if your order slipped threw the cracks.and cant ask about it for 2 weeks

  • @Kayla This is only like my 4th order from MM but I've got no worries about whether or not its slipped through the cracks. I know without a doubt that Medman & the gang have done their part. The USPS on the know..

  • Right on @kayla it’s sucks not knowing and not being able to check for 2 weeks. I have been with this site since the days of NO informed delivery, not sure how I survived back then lol the Id has spoiled me for sure. I’m trying to trust mb and mm word that packages are usually mailed next day after payment and that Id is just jacked right now. Best of luck to us all waiting on stuff hope they come soon

  • @Kayla @samdabs I feel the same way! I placed an order the 2nd and nothing, also created another order on the 7th and still nothing as far as label created or know where the first order is at. It is frustrating but I understand that this things happens. This site is great is just hard to wait. We are all hanging in there.

  • The only bad thing is that we ordered when our 14 days ends about the same time they go on vacation.till after the 1st of the year .so if something goes wrong we will have around a month without product b4 we can even ask about it @samdabs @mpou10 now that's the crazy part. I hate holiday shipping and the postal serv

  • @kayla oh wow, I didn’t know that they go on vacation until then. That will be hard on all of us who are waiting for orders. I live with chronic pain and anxiety so the waiting it is hard. I think the longest I have waited before has been about 13 days and that was in the middle of the shutdown.

  • My MM packages have never once shown up on Informed Delivery.

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    med mama must have had something screw up because several of us ordered last week, myself on the 4th, and still don't see a label. it seems that most of us with issues last week ordered refills.

  • I ordered med mamma and loud last Thursday. Still nothing from both. I was so mad I went and wasted 500 for less then a half oz at a dispensary a state over and ruined my week and pissed off my girl. However I can’t get id and I have to take off work to wait for package or it’s stolen. I have been off since Tuesday waiting If it 200 bucks I could not care. Over 500. And then my dumb as made another 500 order Tuesday bc the rule is wait for pack Thats out. I was told it was shipped Friday and therefore I took off when it always comes if shipped Friday. Nothing. Had to take of the whole week unpaid and I’m out 1500 as of now. Really blows

  • I ordered shrooms wax and flower. And flower from loud. Nothing. And the bullshit is the mail lady says it so backed up it’s Probly sitting there and I could pick it up but have no number

  • Mine always shows up on ID I put a order in on the 5th still no label made

  • My friend sent me a package 2 days ago and gave me the tracking #, etc, and it has not been on informed delivery ever

  • No labels for 3 orders made last week on different days.  ID always works.  Glad I'm not the only one.

  • The website had gremlins in it last week and the website shut down then came back on.i just hope that didnt f up all our orders. I'm sure they will make it right if something happens but by the time of 14 days before you can ask about your package.thats when they all go on vacation till 1 st of the year.that would suck. I'm sure that's not the case I hope. ALL WE CAN DO IS BE PATIENT. GOOD LUCK TO US ALL. It sucks not having tracking

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    Yeah I'm not worried at all about getting screwed, these guys are more trustworthy than any "legitimate " business, for sure. I have been buying from them for a year and the 2 very minor issues i had were quickly resolved. Id is fucked lately too. Im ordering more today from loud

  • No worries✌

  • Mine usually show up on ID but have had multiple instances where it doesn't show up until delivery day. I'm not worried that it won't get filled, MM and crew run a great business. However, 3 or 4 years ago at this exact time(early Dec) I placed an order that took 5 weeks due to "system problem" where the order got lost. I noticed that the site was down for a while on Dec 3rd, a day after my order, so I'm a little worried about the same thing happening again.

  • @BubbaKush that's about my luck.I should have known better it's the holidays. I just smoke around half a joint a day anyway and wanted some fire for Christmas eve and Christmas

  • just came today with no informed delivery- ordered Friday

  • This blows folks that put orders in days after I did are receiving there packages. I’m just in the dark and can’t say damn word yet because it’s not 14 days

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