Am I the only one checking every 15 seconds for new strains?

Laughing at myself



  • I do the same...just to verify that the shrooms are still there!

  • No you are not 🤪🥳

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    I've learned to accept it now and no longer judge myself.😌🤣

  • Hoping something drops soon here to. Been waiting a few days to order.

  • Naw I check all the time too your not alone but damn that Shark Bite sold out fast I think it was only up for one day now it’s gone just when I was bout to order a zip too just my luck lol

  • No bud. It’s a sad day!

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    @Moochy I know how ya feel. . but if you think that was fast.. . i've seen some (like the White Rhino last time..or possibly the time before last... also the Strawberry Cough.. just the 2 that come to my mind first) that have gone off menu literally about 30 mins after going up.

    that being said, i was hoping the Shark Bite would stick around til Friday. . it did go quick tho.

    Also been checking the site pretty regularly throughout the day, betting something will show up on the menu soon! (also RIP Dolato) lol(also keeping close tabs on the shroom section as well)

  • @v32Finish keep is about to drop. ;)

  • Oof, nothing I want 😕

  • All over those Fruit Loops and Purple Punch. Thanks @LoudnCo !!

  • The ice cream cake and fruit loops are the split to get

  • Not a big selection, but ordered a zip of Ice Cream Cake! Considered more Purple Punch, but probably still have about a 1/4.

  • Couple tasty sounding things but have to put the blinders on till after least majority of both sales arrives

  • @TheProfessor i had to grab some Ice Cream Cake too 😎

  • I been doing the same starting to run low on flower

  • anybody have an idea how many online customers they serve. Found site 4 yrs ago and changed everything for me as I live in Medical only state in Southeast coast.

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    @laspace That’s a great question! I’ve been ordering from here going on 3 years. I’m also in a medicinal only state, and while I have a card, I still tend to purchase most of my flower here. It’s much cheaper and there are no quantity restrictions.

  • @laspace I've been here going on 5-6 years and it seems strains go a lot quicker and from the forum, there has been a big influx since covid so I'm guessing that their business has grown a bunch since the lockdown.

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    @LoudnCo thank you!!! assuming that you were referring to everything that just posted most recently? The Mendo, ICC, jet fuel, etc etc? i am guessing that's what you meant, but based on my comment .. i wasn't sure.. but yeah it seems the timing of your post lines up with when all that stuff came online :smiley: either way, we appreciate it! you are killin' the game lately!

    ( @LoudnCo have you ever heard of a strain called Juice Box? coincidentally it is from Loud Seeds/ Loud-Cannagenex -- cross between gelato41 x Runtz. that and the Dark Sunset are 2 cultivars i've been eyeballing lately and the fact that it's "Loud Seeds" obv made me think of you! would love to see these someday.. another one I'm huge on lately is In House Genetics..
    haven't been able to grab any beans yet tho from either :joy: )

    still got the Dolato coming (tomorrow, fingers crossed) , but I couldn't resist grabbing a little Ice Cream Cake. so tasty. there are several goodies in this last roundup, but I agree with those who were saying that ICC was the play. i sure think so. and yes- i still refresh this site quite quite often .. even when i'm not really trying to buy anything. :lol:

    gg'z everyone. peace on earth and good will to mens

  • I really would had ordered some Ice Cream Cake and Purple Punch but since my last order for Wedding Mints hasn’t showed yet and it’s been 2 weeks now I’m not spending no more money until I get it most likely my package might end up getting lost smh I can’t stand USPS I never had to wait this long for any package I ordered of here and it’s always the same sorry COVID 19 excuse the whole world is going through COVID that doesn’t give you a reason to slack on your job I still work hard at my work despite COVID 19 so wtf is going on with USPS just a bunch of lazy bums lol 😂

  • I think we need to keep in mind that the USPS is dealing with an unprecedented amount of packages to move thru the system with people ordering so much online. They are also dealing with workers out with Covid. My nephew is a mail carrier and is working 70 hrs week right now. So let’s have some patience

  • @v32Finish I was! I have some more strains I need to get up and going but we got SLAMMED and we are working through those! I have not heard of Juice Box but I will keep my eyes open!



  • @LoudnCo awesome. thanks for the reply! I figured you guys got hit pretty hard after the site being dry for a bit.. lol. thanks again sir! look forward to seeing what's coming in the future :sunglasses:

    have a good one!

  • @LoudnCo I still haven’t received my order from December 4th I had with you guys if you can help me and respond ASAP I’ll appreciate that thanks 🙏

  • @Moochy please use the contact form on the website, I'd be happy to take a look. The forum isn't the place for that. Thanks!

  • I check the new strains as much as I check ID when waiting on an order. :smiley:

  • I need some dang weed! I should haveordered last week now I pay

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    @medboy ok I’m going to do that right now I already did that after almost 2 weeks but it’s going on a month so I’ll be glad to do another contact form

  • New strains up now!

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