Medjane should be making some cash this next week or two since they'll be only ones up on list. I've never ordered from them but them diamonds are calling my name or the crumble. Anybody tried any of her Concentrates



  • I ordered some stuff from her. Waiting for it now. I know others said wasn’t too bad. I’m ordering the distillate today too. I’ll let you know once I get it @Zackarrry

  • @MoonMan5 did you get the angel cake shatter?

  • I see some complaints about MedJ a while back but they've been killing it recently, I have received many positive reviews and they are on their game. :)

  • @Rubygirl816 @medboy thanks guys and thanks medboy for clarifying i have seen that their terrible then I have seen that their awesome. Only thing that turned me off was the white runtz they had a couple months back but I only seen the pic and with flower we all know a pic can't justify if flower is good or not. But ill be trying them there diamonds they have for sure maybe will even get em by NYE ;)

  • @Rubygirl816 yes i did i really liked them both

  • Ill do a review today

  • So cool, thanks @MoonMan5 I look forward to getting mine

  • I'm waiting until I see positive reviews from people I trust

  • @MikeyC in fairness i order alot of concentrates first time for medjane and i was impressed

  • It's all good. I have a certain group of people I trust and medicine man has set the bar high. If I wanted mediocre stuff then there's a price point for that. Why would I choose over loud or medmama? They're typically fantastic.

  • Ordered the Angel Cake shatter the other day from MJ. Im excited for it, sounds like a good strain.

  • I ordered the 3rd would love to do a review, still no package.

  • @MikeyC yea bro do you i was just saying i ordered 1st time from them and i liked it after being skeptical of them doesn't mean im saying trust me or them so all good bro just saying my honest thoughts

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    And loud and medmama fantastic but at some point they all put out mediocre stuff

  • @MoonMan5 I've had some pretty low grade stuff from every loud and medmamma also but he'll it'll happen everything can't be a homerun

  • @Zackarrry i agree bro beans

  • @MoonMan5 wishful thinking on both sides though it'd be really nice to be able to see your pack before you buy. It'd be crazy if they had a virtual reality medicine man dispensary so you could look around.. far-fetched but still would be legit..

  • @MoonMan5 that wake n bake got me this morning bud lol

  • @Zackarrry thats some good wishful thinking lol i wish they had that

  • @MigraineWarrior79 right that would be dope

  • @Kellybelly99 have you gotten your order from med Jane yet? I know you have been waiting a lot longer than me.

  • @Rubygirl816 Nope not yet. I am pissy about it.

  • @Kellybelly99 i don’t know how you feel about it. I do it all the time. Matter of fact, I just put a missing mail request in, for my package that was late, and low and behold it’s out for delivery today. It’s on top of the informed delivery page on the right.

  • I received the crumble today from Medjane and it’s really pretty damn good!! Does the job well! Looking forward to the distillate next.

  • @Rubygirl816 I got mine on Saturday finally yay!!!

  • I'm hoping this is a trend with quality medications. I have only tried MM's GG#4 distillate and Bubble gum distillate and awhile back a disappointing Jack Here. I cut the distillates abit and vape them the GG#4 is better than the BGD for me. Now they are both great in edibles I couldn't ask for anything better. The BGD is good for gummies and such and I really like the GG#4 in baked goods. I can only use rice flour but the tast is there and so is the buzz. I don't use mj except for distillates but after these reviews I think I'll try again on some concentrates. Thanks everyone for the heads up .

  • Oh yeah everyone on the point of low grade or just something just not right about a concentrate or a flower without the potency advertised. Contact MED BOY on the contact forum and when enough people contact we should be taken care of. Hey it's better than ripping a shipper a new one on the forum without giving them a chance to make it right. I have been made whole every time without a single issue in the end.

  • @Kellybelly99 what did you get from Jane? How is it? I got some vapes a while back and they had zero effect

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