Question on Purple Kush/The Purps

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Hey @medmama,

Question about the Purple Kush strain you have up. You have it up saying Purple kush, and also "The purps" which are two different strains. Purple kush is the pure indica, while "the purps" is a indica leaning hybrid. "The purps" is the strain that won strain of year in 2007, not Purple Kush.

Purple Kush is Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani, while "the purps" lineage is an unknown north American strain.

So I am just trying to see if we can have more info on which one it is. Cause the description is a mixture of both those strains and not entirely accurate. So it would make a difference if the description you have says pure Indica when its really the hybrid leaning "the purps" and not purple Kush.

Also, is this strain or any others listed outdoor confirmed to been grown organic and/or without pesticide sprays?

Either way I already got some.



  • @Indicas I am wondering the same. I’m assuming that the strain is correct...Purple Kush, and that their write-up is just a little mixed-up. I ordered an ounce regardless. I’ve always been very happy with the quality of outdoor cannabis’s always been excellent, but this will be our first batch of outdoor in quite awhile.

  • It will be gone by the time u find out 😂

  • I already ordered a half for that very reason :)

  • Buy first, ask questions later! At least with this one. Most interesting thing on the new menu, for me.

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    I'm pretty sure there was either outdoor purple kush or purple diesel available at the same time as the famous Jaeger last year. I'm not being helpful. Pretty sure it was purple diesel, nevermind. That one wasn't that memorable.

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    I ordered a ounce split of the purple kush and the lava fuel. Really wanted to try the premium lava cake but the funds are low, especially this time of year. Looking forward to trying both of these strains

  • Great selection @medmama thanks so much!

  • Yeah, I saw it last night. Was going to order today. Too late.

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    @Indicas we received our outdoor Purple Kush yesterday. After trying it last night at bedtime, my guess is that it is indeed Purple Kush and not The Purps. It sure hit mind and body like a 100% Indica usually does. It is also reminiscent of its Hindu Kush parentage which I've enjoyed in the past (unfortunately, my wife finds HK too "earthy"). The buds are dark purple, and have a distinct grape, dank note on the nose. A really fantastic, heavy hitting Indica for bedtime! It knocked us out!

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    @TheProfessor Awesome! Im super happy about that. I was hoping for the purple kush. I am really looking forward to receiving it tomorrow now :) Thanks for the confirmation. Hindu Kush is in my top 3. And Im obviously all about them indicas. Looking forward to getting knocked out too.

  • Some one post a pic of this strain when you get time

  • I hope they split mine now with the purple kush and the lava fuel 🤞🏻. No worries anyway, just grabbed an oz of the zookies. Was just saying to my husband I hope they put zookies back up!

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    @Rubygirl816 and the Blueberry Muffins always looks great! But, I've received several oz. over the past two weeks and the wife would shit if I ordered any more flower, so I'll just keep my mouth shut and enjoy what's left of the holidays. :smile: The Purple Kush is amazing for sleep! Woke up restless and anxious early this morning, vaped a little PK and it knocked me right back out!

    @Indicas Indica and indica leaning hybrids are about all I can handle. The Purple Kush is definitely a strong Indica. I won't hit it again until bedtime! Between the PK, some Royal Kush (one 3.5g bud left), and another z of med. dispensary Platinum OG I should be set for sleep for a couple of months!

    Happy New Year all!

  • I’m staring at the blueberry muffin! I remember it from the last time! Just couldn’t pass up the zookies and it’s such a great deal too. If the blueberry muffin is still up in a few days, maybe I’ll grab it then. Trying to save to see what Loud puts up when they come back from vacation! Ugh decisions decisions, lol

  • @Rubygirl816 I still have about an 1/8th of the last Blueberry Muffins even after I gave my Father in Law an 1/8 of it when they passed through last weekend. It's so good! I'm tempted, but I'm going to be good. Agree on the amazing deal!

  • @Rubygirl816 🤣 I passed up on it last time. I had to grab some blueberry goodness this time.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 your in for a treat!!!

  • My mouth is watering thinking about it lol

  • @Rubygirl816 Nice! And of course I'll put up some pics once it arrives.

  • Yeah I loved that blueberry muffin but wanted to try the apricot mimosa this go round

  • How was the hippie crippler last go around? I just grabbed a 1/4 since sativa's aren't my favorite . Any information

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    I recall it was a hit like the Oaktown Crippler, so I also scooped up a 1/4
    If it's anything like OC, then it'll be a great daytime smoke, but relaxed

  • Very cool I can't wait, my last 3 scores have been some of my best in the last 6 months. Fresh GG#4, shark bite and purple punch not in any order. If HC I in the ballpark I'll be thrilled. I got greedy and grabbed a half of PK so 🤞. Waiting for the mail lol.

    I was hoping the PK was going to still be up yesterday, but it sold out so quick. So, if you could post a picture when you receive, I'd really like to live vicariously through you! Haha
    I hope the HC is everything we hope it will be, though I know it'll be good medicine even if it's not in the ballpark.
    Enjoy yourself! Much 💚

  • @Rubygirl816

    I’m staring at the blueberry muffin! I remember it from the last time! Just couldn’t pass up the zookies and it’s such a great deal too. If the blueberry muffin is still up in a few days, maybe I’ll grab it then. Trying to save to see what Loud puts up when they come back from vacation! Ugh decisions decisions, lol

    That's what I'm saying! LOUD is coming back in time for me to sign over my Stimulus Check to them lol

    I grabbed some Blueberry Muffin (like you, it looks too good to pass up). I also grabbed some Zookies this time (mainly because I read you and others hyping it) and finally some Apricot Mimosa to just try something new.

  • @OzBaxter my stimulus came in yesterday, thank God, BEFORE I saw what medmama put up. So I paid bills and such like I needed to do, otherwise I think I would have ended up with a lot more than just the zookies 😂. And my hubby and I were talking about how the zookies last time wasn’t really all smalls either, the buds were really nice and broke up so nicely. It had the greatest taste and buzz, everything was groovy, lol. If it’s like last time, your going to really enjoy it.

  • My other half is getting his stimulus Monday. Might end up with some blueberry yet, at the very least will be prepared for Loud, lol

  • @MNTDWLER The Hippie Crippler was ok last time around. I wouldn't order it again because nothing about it stood out to me. I believe it was listed as Greenhouse.

  • Yep I'm not much on greenhouse anything weed, "toematers" you name it. I really love outdoor products but the lure of the indoors always draws me in. I'm a imbecil for indica's a sucker for sativa's and as happy as a owl hoot with hybrids. So I guess you can call me what my 10th grade would, Ralph I have no idea why I think she had dementia or was high as a kite.The Dwler 😎

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