Louds tko carts went down...

@LoudnCo what's up with the price drop? Bad quality or just got some super cheap stuff.. I'm very interested bc the grape diesal carts I just got from You for same price wasnt bad at all actually great for the price.


  • Same stuff, lower prices. Enjoy while you can, it's not a permanent change.

  • Good to know thanks for the quick ass update on that @medboy dude your on top of it thank you and you cannot beat that vape sample pack deal 4 for 155 thanks this will make my work days alot better. And will you guys ever make it where you can add on diamonds, distillate, live resin, and/or terp sauces.

  • @Zackarrry I can't say that will never happen, but I don't see it in the immediate future.

  • @medboy thanks again for the reply buddy and cool good to know.

  • Thanks for posting this. Price dropped the day after I looked. I wouldn't have looked again. Have to place a second order for this price.

  • Thanks for posting. I just ordered a sample 4 pack. 😊

  • Crap wish I’d seen this before I ordered yesterday! Hopefully will be there in a few days, doubt it, but here’s hoping 🤞🏻

  • Yeah wouldn't mind trying, my chrome sprk supposed be in today and refills should've been in yesterday but running late with the weather even tho put in for them day or 2 prior to sprk and had inventory issue since avalanche was out but they'll show always do, good luck everyone

  • I've tried the tko discounted ones and tbh they're just as good as mamas refills I ordered a 4 pack variety prefilled for 155 you can't beat that

  • If I'd seen it before snagged refills probably would've tried but got bunch chrome sprk carts need fueled up which hopefully be showing up anytime now was due be seen day before yesterday

  • Seems like mails been mad slow @Vapedad78 even for me in Minnesota things are going past due not just from.here must be the wether

  • @MoonMan5 oh yeah I pretty much expected as much this go round , we'll see em eventually

  • Come on Medmamma, show Loud up and discount your vapes ;) I snagged prefilled from Loud because the next time there will be a discount is most likely 4/20.

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