How do you smoke your bud?

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Every try knifehits?


  • yeah. black hash knifehits into a 2 liter bottle, a dog's surgery cone ( i shit you not), just about anything you can imagine.

    my mom was pissed about those butter knives for some time.

    ahh, to be young again.

    for me, I have tried just about everything and i always land back on a small glass pipe. or small bubbler. i got a bad-ass bong and never use it. (to be fair, it's a Hurricane and not a regular beaker or anything .. i still want a small rig i can switch between using as a regular, smallish, high quality beaker , and instantly use for dabs.. but idk if i would use it)

    i went thru a joints phase.. and a shorter blunts phase.. still like a good joint . it's an art. imo. but 90% of my weed goes into my badass little pipe .

  • I mainly use a device called the Genius pipe. It disassembles for cleaning, is stealthy and has a good sized bowl. A lot of assessories available so you can do concentrates. Best of all it delivers a nice cool hit without water. I still will do a doob with mates and will pull out the bong occasionally if I want to conserve some special bud. Mainly the Genius, actually own two.

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    I use my glass pipe alot, but do knife hits mostly. The rosin collected in a glass bottle funnel comes in very handy in between orders and when mail seems to come to a complete stop for this street. Usually only time I roll joints is when my jars of bud dwindle down to shake.

  • I use the THC enema method. Weed right up the keester gets me baked off my ass, no pun intended...or was it?
    Just kidding, none of the sacred plant is going up my butt any time soon. Just alcohol for now. Still kidding.
    Ok, now that all the horrible jokes are out of my system, Hot Knives (aka "spotting", "knifers", "knife hits", "knife tokes", "dots", "Spots", "kitchen tracking" "blades", or "bladers") used to get the job done nicely, though I haven't done it in years and never out of a surgical cone, but that's funny as hell.

    I'm a pipe man. I like to think of myself as a pipe man. People know me as a pipe man. Glass, wood, corncob, at one point a one-hitter was my only smoking device. Imagine smoking all your bud one tiny hit at a time.
    Sometimes I'd use the old crunched up beer can method.,900

  • @bluedreamer I have a Genius pipe as well and love it! The best is being able to pack a bowl that won't spill in your pocket because of the magnetic cover. And it's also the easiest bowl to clean I've ever used.

    All that said, I use my big ol' bong from thickassglass almost exclusively these days.

  • @Sixwaychili They are the best pipes I've experienced so far. Only downside is the screens provided are a fine mesh ss and get resined up pretty quick. I'm sure you found this out. I put brass ones in and even get a better draw plus they are cheaper than the replacements offered by Genius. I burn through them faster though. So there you go....:)

  • I Googled the "Genius Pipe". I'm intrigued! I might try one of these. I mean, I just got talked into an Arizer Vape two months ago by this forum, so why not a new pipe too? LOL! ;)

    I like a lot of the ones they offer, although there are a few I wanted that are sold out. I mean, what's up with that? Just make more

  • So I've been smoking for the better part of 30 years and have to ask what in Hades is a knife hit? In 30 years of smoking I've never heard of such a thing. As for myself, I really prefer a glass pipe, my fave being my Grav Lab. I also have a little metal maze pipe I've had for close to 10 years and some of the resin caught in the maze tracks is at least eight years old, I call her Cecelia. I also have a small steam roller I'm quite fond of. Other than that I love joints, but the only way I can roll them is using the cone papers. Hell I remember smoking a joint once around 96 or 97 that was rolled in a paper over wrap from a tampon. I absolutely love and adore blunts but can't roll em to save my life, I miss having friends who knew how to.

  • @LilWitchyGrl you take some bud break it down to small pea size balls. You need two butter knives, a micro torch, can even use the burners on a range. Get a plastic bottle carefully cut a hole on the bottom end out big enough for your knives pressed together to fit through. Heat knives red hot allow them to cool for a couple seconds and with the hot knife tap the hit you rolled and press your hot knives together inside the bottle you cut open. Be careful, a huge hit can knock you flat on your back for a few seconds. That's a knife hit

  • @Stab_Snipers that's awesome! I haven't seen one of those since my college days. One good one to try is a crisp apple, Cut a pipe out smoke a fat bowl. When your done you have an apple to munch out on.

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    But hey he can babysit me anytime 🔪🔪

  • I go thru phases. Since the ‘Rona hit I’ve mostly been puffing RAW king cones. Light, puff, puff, tamp, repeat throughout the day and toss the roach in a tin. Been using my 13” Octobong this winter since we’ve had so much fresh snow to enjoy with it. Also like mini glass bats and chillums for on the go.

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    When I smoke, I really like GRAV Labs glass. I have a couple of spoons, a Gandalf, and their small bong with the octobowl. Enjoying a bowl of Ice Cream Cake in the bong with snow at the moment!

  • @funkynugz hey the kids got game he dont even need a bottle or even a surgical cone. Straight hits no funnel.

  • That's so funny, shit for all we know it could a been aunt Betty. Uncle benny drinks beer. Lmao

  • Gandalf pipes and steamrollers are also personal favorites of mine.

  • Steamrollers are nice, back in highschool we made alot of those in shop class.

  • The teacher always knew what we were doing too, he didnt really give a shit though as long as we were busy doing something for the hour.

  • I love my glass whether it's ddaves adapter on my vape with my nautilus water pipe or. I'm with @TheProfessor as for grav labs glass, I've got everything from my new stax bong to a little glass blunt. I have a box full of paraphernalia but anymore I vape, hit a spoon pipe or do bong rips through my EQ. I have "thumper' a bamboo steamroller from my youth mounted on my shop wall. So as a 50+ year smoker my knowledge of thc toys grows every day I partake in the wonderous weed.💚🍀

  • I use a glass pipe. I thought I was being old fashion because I see all those cool vapes and bongs. Lol

  • Bong is my usual go to, but I also have an assorted of different sized pipes. I also use Raw brand special 98 cones.

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    If I can ever get one for under $90 I would love to try a @Jinnipipe,I love cool glass. It doesn't get more intriguing than this gravity pipe "bong" that uses a mouthpiece less technology. I think I got that right. 🤪

  • I have a TALL Boss beaker bong. A little pricey, and I wish it had some Honeycomb percs inside it.. or maybe a Tree perc, but does the job very well.

  • The coolest bong I've ever used was the size of a basketball. The bowl was electric! The screen in the bowl lit up when you hit a toggle switch and the glass ball filled with smoke. 6 tubes stuck out, when the ball was full you turn the switch off and grab a tube and have a hit.

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