How likely is nausea?

How likely am I to vomit if its my first time trying shrooms and I take 1g in a peanut butter sandwich? I would make tea but I don't have a coffee grinder and I've never made tea before.


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    Just an FYI, you don't really need to grind the shrooms. For large stalks, maybe tear them.

    The more I do this preparation, the more I'm amazed how easy it is. As if God wants us to do it...

    1) Boil water
    2) Pour over mushrooms
    3) When it's cool enough to drink, do so

    I add other mushrooms and herbs, flowers to make it taste nice, but that's not necessary, really.

    I strain and filter. But that's not necessary, either.

    EDIT to add: I was skeptical of doing this and maybe wasting $50. What if this is a piss-poor process for extracting the good stuff? Turns out, it's remarkably efficient.

  • I admit it's been a while, but I haven't ever been sick from mushrooms. Very, very f'd up? Yes. Sick? No. Now peyote, maybe...

  • Thanks. Do you think 1g is enough?

  • "Dosage

    The question of dosage arises fairly often with people who are trying psilocybin mushrooms for the first time. For any hallucinogenic mushroom it is always advised that individual brain chemistry is what depends on the dose. 1 gram (dry) is considered a low dose to more experienced people, and 3.5 grams (dry) is considered a standard dose that can produce moderate to intense effects. For some people doses over 3 grams could be overwhelming. Likewise, some people are much more sensitive to the psychoactive compounds that are present than other people. A 1 gram (dry) dose could trigger intense effects in some people. For most people a 1 gram (dry) dose will have little to no effect. It is always recommended to start low, and see how it will effect you, individually. Other factors come into play as well when trying to determine potency and dose, such as the phenotype of the cubensis, temperatures the mushrooms were grown at, drying method, storage, and age. Many different things can affect or decrease the potency of a mushroom. Effects usually start within 20-40 minutes of ingesting the mushrooms, and may last as long as 4-8 hours depending on doasge. Visual distortions may occur, as well as feelings of uphoria, and vivid hallucinations of colors, feelings of peace, oneness with things in the general vicinity, and laughter. Other times negative effects can occur such as anxiety, and fear of death, among other things."

  • @DudleyDiccle

    From my research, 1g is a level 1 which most beginners (like both of us) usually go with.

    I'm going to take my 1st shroom experience next month sometime. I was going to in Nov, then it didn't work out. Then it was going to be New Year's eve, but I ended up gifting the shrooms to my cuz.

    That brings me to now; I read some others experiences, which made me really want to try again.


  • I tell you, I got some Taj Mahal from here, chopped them all up and ate with a banana. Had never done them before. I was very very very nauseous and could not throw them up. I was also very F'd up. I won't try them again but every person is different.

  • Depending on the dosage all hallucinogens f with my stomach, even 25 messed with my stomach in the day. My routine consists of a light meal a couple of hours before and a little pesto right before I partake. This keeps my discomfort at bay 99% of the time. You want something in your stomach not just eating with the shrooms. I hope you don't give up on mushrooms, they have sooo much to offer in terms of medicine.

  • You dont need a coffee grinder for shrooms simply use scissors like your fixing to roll a dooney! Or use your fingers. They didnt have coffee grinder back when the Vikings was getting their good luck I only micro dose for medicinal purposes. 1/2 a gram or 1 gram every 3rd day. It sets my mind free.i love it!

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    @theunleet other than nausea how were the effects of 1g for you? Any visuals?

  • I have never been sick / nauseated with shrooms from this site. Same with my husband. We do get gassy though!

  • There was a great thread when the news first came out that goes over methods and dosing. I’d search for that before you dose.

    Don’t eat alone even if the other person stays straight.

    Keep a positive attitude and remember the effects do wear off in a few hours if things start to get intense.

    Plan safe things inside and outside.

    Gobble too low an amount and you will likely be disappointed. Shrooms don’t have exact dosing and they are nowhere near as intense as synthetic trips. The buzz is also shorter, for me that’s a plus. YMMV.

    If you grind and steep the shrooms the buzz will come on faster and harder but often lasts shorter. Same goes for empty stomach vs full. For a slower come up just chomp whole stems and caps. Mixing with pb is fine. Doubtful you will get nauseous. Cactus or mescal or Ayahuasca - probably.

    I don’t know your body size or experience level but I believe 1g won’t get you visuals or much excitement. Just regret and frustration. Try 2g whole and wait 60-90 mins. If not quite there yet brew a 1g tea. TBH 3-3.5g is the standard for a decent trip. Like weed, different strains have different effects, sometimes it takes more than one trip to find your sweet spot.

    Enjoy 🍄

  • @DudleyDiccle I took a whole 1/8th of them. Had eaten several hours prior. I was out of this world tripping, but running to the bathroom Nauseous while tripping is a no go. Probably the most nausea I have ever had. Just not for me 🤐

  • @theunleet damn sorry to hear that. I’ve not come across anyone that’s happened to. Have seen some online chatter that some people get sick but mostly when dosing on a completely empty gut or if they gobble too much at once.

  • I would like to try another psychedelic that does not cause any nausea, I think my trip was a little ruined you know...

  • @theunleet (and others): I am prone to nausea. That is why I make tea. I filter out all that mass, leaving only rich shroomy nutrients and...psilocybin. I couldn't guarantee it would make all the difference, but I'd bet big on it.

  • @georgetirebiter I should have tried the tea route, but obviously my stomach did not like it regardless. 🤐

  • Haven't tried yet but just about decided to start with 3g after hour maybe 1g more an see what happens! Golden teacher?

  • @kleco82 The Mazatec's might be great. I have no idea. I know the Golden Teachers will treat you right, though.

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