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Upon opening the bag the myleene terp profile fills the nose with linalool after profile. A sweet earthy floral note that's equally as satisfying as it is flavorful. A very light sweet skunky aroma is given off when igniting. For review I'm setting my EQ at 380° a good mid range for this resinous rascal. The flower sticky to the touch and has a generous dusting of keif though not many crystals evident at first glance. This is one of my top 5 strains and I love to see this in premium or indoor, all of that said I think if you loved the jager then this might be worth checking out. I'll admit I'm having a rough few weeks so I'm probably not giving H.O.G it's due diligence in this batch .The buds a delight to smoke it's just not on par with BlackBerry octane or any of my heavy indicas. I will definitely revisit this thread in a few days. The effects are slow to hit but it's a head high that leaves your mind free to wander on its own. There is pain relief starting to flow down my legs into my feet and down my neck into my back. I'm happy with the purchase and can't wait to see premium flower. Dwelling on this one



  • Yeah I like the strain! I will be switching between this and Purple Kush until they are gone. Id say its pretty heavy to me. But I cant feel my limbs with MS so already feel heavy LOL. Great indica tho. Not something to pass up.

  • Mine arrived yesterday. The smell is really unusual. Was going to try it with tonight's insomnia interlude. But the rolling tray was full of Jupiter and Lava Cake remnants.

    That'll do pig...

  • Had some hog for my 3a.m. pain wake up call and again at 5a.m. for my wake and bake. Strong indica, put me back to sleep at 3a.m. I knew I wasn't giving this sweet girl her my full attention. I will recommend this strain for every indica lover. I enjoy the mind freeing high on this one.

  • one last picture , I just wish you could smell this flower. 💨💚🍀

  • Thanks for the review @MNTDWLER! I’m waiting on this one now. I’m so excited!!

  • @Rubygirl816 did you get your HOG the more I enjoy it the more I enjoy it lol. The flavor when you vape it is unreal. When you combust it gives off a unmissable skunky smell. 💚🍀Dweller

  • @Indicas I wholeheartedly agree with you on this bud. When I started my review I felt really sh.... "crappy" so I really wanted a swift kick to the cerebellum. What I got was what I needed, a fast onset mellow medical experience. I knew when I did the review I'd be back lol . I apologize to this magical bud for not giving it a little more credit. This buds terpene profile, is unique in every aspect sweet, earthy, floral and a little bit of fruit in there somewhere. This is as you said a nice heavy indica that treats me well when I use it as my all day smoke. That in its self makes me appreciate it more and more. As I said before I'd love to see some indoor or premium. What could mother nature do outdoors with this strain?? I'll buy any or all three if they ever show. GOOD FLOWER MY MM FAMILY. 🤪💨💚🍀

  • In total agreement with @MNTDWLER ! Opened up a zip in the garage. Doors open, windy day. 10 minutes later my daughter went out and said it smells weird in the garage. 😂. Busted. Beautiful buds. Period. And damn... one little sample is enlightening. Thank you crafty! I will sleep well tonight after a more thorough evaluation. Dollar for dollar, a bargain!!!

  • I would post a pic but @MNTDWLER beat me to it. No need, it’s as nice as the pic above!!

  • @tallazguy yep I normally don't do two orders for the same strain in the same month but this is a nice medicine that treats all of my senses as if they were old friends lol. I love this flower as a daily smoke, with no qualms about recommending HOG for anyone. For me it's not the strongest,but it's laid back mellow and satisfying in every aspect. My wife loves it too, she just came in from smoking a bowl and commented "good pot" a lady of few words who won my heart lol. This is a heavy indica that allows me to function in my daily routine. 🔥💨💚🍀

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    The taste trip is like...that scene with the blueberry girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's this, it's that! It's beef stew...like my mom made from the Julia Child book! With burgundy wine! BUT the leading edge of this flavor is...grape slushee??? I hope I don't end up going down into the predator forest or tumble toward the gnome dungeon.

    I am high, people.

    I don't know who it's parents are or what it's supposed to taste like, but HOG is a solid re-order for my money! A quarter ounce is not enough.

    I'm gonna listen to some organ jazz and watch hockey with the sound off!~

  • No @MNTDWLER still late, no scans since it left CA. Should be here soon. This sounds right in my wheelhouse. Now I’m really looking forward to it, lol. This might be the perfect smoke for me, laid back mellow and still be able to get things done, if need be. I’ll let ya know what I think when it gets here. Just ordered a split of zookies and taking a chance on the indoor mystery.

  • It's not the heavy knockout herb I was hoping for. I'll enjoy it for daily smoking, but will need something stronger for nightly cramping and insomnia (e.g., Sunset Sherbet, Purple Kush, Blackberry Octane).

  • @georgetirebiter I agree, that's why I started this thread the way I did. I think it's a good all day bud that still allows you to function. I'm looking for that super heavy next strain for all the same reasons you gave..I still haven't changed my mind on greenhouse flower. I love this strain and it's capable of so much more. Even though it's not the strongest it still has the terp profile and head high lol. My body tells me that this flower gets me through the day with a little reduction in my great nemesis pain. I do want a better batch ,but this one's a bargain that I want to keep a little on hand. I do have a zip of sunset sherbert and a half of Afghan Goo that should be here today. But which bud next???

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    @MNTDWLER I'm having a mirror-image kind of experience with the Nepalese, which also arrived the other day. It's good for early day use. Very pleasant and I'm glad I got a small sample. This will not be a staple anytime soon, though. Not for me, not this version.

    Note that if anyone had the Nepalese greenhouse from last time, it seems about the same.

    Recommended for sativa cultists and cannabis adventure-seekers.

  • Just ordered myself a half a zip of the HOG today!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Jupiter but couple said weren't impressed especially with appearance and odor but like said i liked myself

  • @TheProfessor @MigraineWarrior79 @Vapedad78 @georgetirebiter I'ma breaking in my new ash catcher and stax as soon as UPS gets here. I'm stuck between three strains to break it in. Sunset Sherbert, GMO or one of my last two buds of either white Rhino or Jahgoo. I wanna do her right I have several different strains hit me with your suggestions my MM family . The Dweller

  • I’ve never sampled White Rhino, but I don’t think you could go wrong with Sunset Sherbet, GMO, or Jahgoo. Of course, Sunset Sherbet is one of all-time favs, so that’s what I’d be trying in a new rig!

  • @MNTDWLER go for the white rhino!

    Then everyone check out hippieshop.com

    It's awesome!

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    I'd be interested in hearing about GMO. I'm looking for another "blammo! end 'o day" strain. My MedMama order came and...I'll say this: the Guava is delicious but weak. And sub not honored. No Alien Bubba, either, on the outdoor side.

    I must reflect on expectations and what they do to my brain. I have a half zip of beautiful indoor-grown, guava-smelling weed, and a smaller bag of something called Salami, which was highly rated by, I believe, @superman38NC. My Mazatec mushrooms arrived, too, despite everything being mired in shipping quicksand all around me.

    And I'm thinking about being upset because I didn't get exactly what I wanted.

    Think about it, Georgetirebiter, if that's your real name. Think about it. And drink the tea.

    Back to topic, I'm interested on thoughts on anything that's still on the menu. I've got funds for one more. A knockout punch is what I want! I know the Purple Punch is a winner, and Blackberry Octane. Test away and decode your answer in this here space!

    I hope to be tripping...with a positive vibe...and low expectations. GT

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    @TheProfessor if it ever comes back around you've gotta give Jahgoo a try , a true indica that has never treated me wrong. The problem is you hardly ever see it. @MigraineWarrior79 I have bud of Rhino sitting out for later I've got more sunset so I'm starting with it. @georgetirebiter GMO is a killer high but if you're looking for a knock out punch I'd probably go with BlackBerry Octane . Thanks everyone the Dweller

  • @MigraineWarrior79 LMAO no shit have you been going through my stuff? Dead serious the hippishop looks like my closest lol except all of mine are original. The only thing I ditched over the years was my bell bottoms, elephant ears on men never worked. Very cool shop I'll be reminiscing for awhile. 🐻💨💚🍀

  • @MigraineWarrior79 thanks I just ordered a pair of the woven cargo pants to totally complete my hillbilly hippie look. 💚🍀


    I'd LOVE to go through your closet! I have some Egyptian Musk, patchouli dipped incense, the rainbow tie dye shirt, and the fringe men's vest because I'm too much of a chunker to fit the women's, lol.
    I'm on a bell bottom jeans search!
    Did you see the cannabis periodic table poster? Love it!

  • Agreed @MNTDWLER, Jahgoo is an excellent strain. I've had it from here at least twice over the last 3 years, but you're right, it doesn't come around often. And for the record, I haven't owned (or worn) a pair of bell-bottoms in about 45 years...and yes, I had elephant bells...but I was just a teenager.😁

  • @MigraineWarrior79 yes loved the poster.i know I'm getting my wife a new pair of sandals lol. @TheProfessor here's one broken in bong lol just did 4 good tips and am feeling no pain. 💚💨🍀

  • Holy cow! That's quite a rig @MNTDWLER!! Awesome!


    I love those sandals too! Reminds me of Mom's from back then.
    That's an awesome setup you have, and beautiful scenery!

  • @TheProfessor lol that angle makes it look twice as tall but yeah it's exactly what I wanted. As my wife calls it my stoners legos, the glycerin chiller is back in the freezer and that's the only heavy part. @MigraineWarrior79 I don't know about the wife but I'm getting a guatemalan hippie shit without a doubt. I'm also trying to figure out where to put the periodic table of cannabis in my shop. I enjoy the view off the back of my shop,the only one better is the back off the house . Thanks again warrior for the "cool site man". I'll enjoy going through it again. 🐾💨💚🍀

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