Tropicana Cookies

I have not had the Tropicana Cookies before love sativa's . Saw the purple buds medmama posted . Has anyone orderd this strain from mm before if so is it worth it



  • I’m in the same boat but went ahead and ordered a half yesterday. Worst case scenario I have a batch that I’m only mildly impressed with LOL

  • Rarely do I go by pictures...except with purps. The indoor Tropicana looks fantastic. I favor outdoor in general, though, so I ordered half a zip of that one.

  • I got it once, but from Loud... It was VERY orange flavored . Like.. straight up orange juice smell.

    Not sure if they are all like that , or if some have more cookies influence, but .. it was OK, it was good quality--, but that particular one just wasn't for me. I am intrigued by this purple batch tho!

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    @v32Finish i still have a couple g’s left of that batch (believe it was around Nov)..the purple really didn’t stand out until it was ground but it was decent for sure and aroma incredibly orange! This batch is definitely purple..

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    Review of Tropicana Cookies, from an Oregon grower.

    I want to live in Oregon...kind of.

  • If my Tropicana Cookies doesn't drown me in Orange juice smell & flavor, I'm going to flip crazy ape monkey sh!+!....
    Order in Progress..

  • @georgetirebiter Got to be just a little bit leary of a breeder who goes by Harry Palms. Lol.

  • I order the outdoor tropicana cookies yesterday. Could even be here before my lost Deadhead on 17th -_-. The purple drew me in!

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    @theunleet It drew me in, too, two separate orders. That's how badly I want the purple! If ever there were a time when "no substitutions" had meaning, let it be now.

    @MizterNiceGuy If I could place a bet, it will not be orange like Tang or sweet OJ. I say this because I've never known a purple strain to be like that. But there is much I have yet to experience in life, so...

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    @georgetirebiter If it smells like Tang I will make it into a powder and try to drink it. Kidding kidding! It's a kick in a glass!

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    Breaking News: Out of nowhere, with ID telling me USPS is awaiting package, an order from 3/7 arrives, from MedMama. It was one of two ordered that day, if I recall correctly...the menu evolved and I got increasingly greedy as new things showed up. I think this was actually the second order I placed that day. The first also had shrooms in it (and different indoor and outdoor selections).

    Here's what arrived in today's shipment:

    Pineapple Jack (outdoor)
    Slurricane (indoor)
    Buddha (outdoor)

    Reviews to follow!

  • @georgetirebiter...that is fast! I ordered from medmama Sunday too...maybe I’ll get lucky as well!

  • I have label made.. crossing fingers for this week 🤞

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    @georgetirebiter I've experienced some sour/citrus purple buds for sure. Red Dragon, from this site, is one I remember. Tropicana did taste similar to "Tropicana"/Sunny D years ago when I tried it.
    I'm excited for Slurricane review, hope it's as good as last year's batch.

    @theunleet Labels are made day of order Medmama has been moving. Now USPS needs to do the same

  • Am I losing it, wasn’t London pound cake on the menu ?

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    You’re not losing it @Rubygirl816, it was definitely there. At least they don’t have to write a description now.🤣

  • For real, lol That was fast, holy shit. Thanks @TheProfessor on to the next

  • @MizterNiceGuy Never heard of Red Dragon--but I'd like to meet it one day.

    The Slurricane is medicating me pretty well...I can't say whether it's as good as the last version after the day I've had, but it's tasty and having a sleepytime effect. And it's early.

  • @georgetirebiter thanks for mini review of Slurricane. Waiting on quite a bit. Sleepy effects are exactly what I need. Do-Si-Do is a favorite with Purp P in the mix.

  • @georgetirebiter i was wondering about that slurricane! Last batch was very good. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on the Tropicana Cookies.

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    Thanks for photo @theunleet The purple is unreal. I recieved the Indoor version. It's pretty much black! Wife thought I had a bunch of burned weed or resin on my tray! So far 7/10 effects sativa-lean. Appearance 10/10

    @medmama menu pictures have been very accurate lately.

  • Awesome sight.

  • Beautiful nugs!

  • 😲 appreciate the pics @MizterNiceGuy

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    Crazy! Like pure purple nugz. I had some buds that were bleach white years ago.

  • Holy moly those look excellent! Definite sativa-lean on outdoor. I go with 8/10 on effects, and for an outdoor, appearance is very appealing, so 10/10. Going to roll some in a diamond and see what happens 🤯

  • Man the menu lately has been something else! Beautiful buds there @theunleet @MizterNiceGuy

  • I will rdered a simpler and didn't special fy indoor or not for the tropicokkos

  • Took a bit to get used to the smell/taste. In my 20 plus years smoking I’ve never seen/smoked a bud like this. Took a bit to get used to. Definately citrusy in my opinion.

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