Outdoor Biscotti

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upon opening the the 2nd over wrap it's obvious that this buds no joke. My sense of smell is off because of allergies but what a overweening sweet fragrance wafted from the bag. The bud's are dense and have a very nice dusting of Kief. The taste when vaped is a kinda vanilla meets a flowery pine. The emphasis on sweet and flower is most notable on the exhale. A nice mellow indica is exactly what you get with this one, the baked goods vibes there too. I'll give it a great wake and bake or all around great smoke for all of you indica enthusiast.


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    That's some fine looking cannabis there @MNTDWLER. If it's anything like last month's outdoor Biscotti...it's some good stuff! It didn't last on the menu long this time. Definitely a great anytime medicine for indica lovers!!

  • Great review and photo!

  • Nice pic! Biscotti is a great treat!

  • Great pic!! Thanks for the review!

  • Beautiful buds! @MNTDWLER I’m down to one last nug of biscotti hoping to get my zip today. If it’s a sub I’ll be 😔.. @TheProfessor im really hoping it’s from the same grower! Looks very similar

  • Wow just wow!! Enjoy!

  • Was fortunate enough to get my biscotti reorder yesterday too. By far one of my favs in the medicine cabinet. The effects are one of a kind

  • Ditto @superman38NC. Mine came yesterday as well. The aroma and flavor of this bud is amazing. Truly one of a kind. I have to give a thumbs up for the Violet Vixen as well. Nice sativa go go but a real mellow cerebral buzz. No tiredness as well.

  • Just enjoyed some midday biscotti with my coffee..what a great uplifting strain. Still very functional with work..just way more happy 😎

  • Anyone notice there's a Premium Biscotti now? Loud Menu

  • I just saw it @georgetirebiter. Look delicious!!

  • the fire cookies sounds pretty good too, another one in the GSC family @v32Finish @TheProfessor @MNTDWLER I know you all like the cookie family strains, lol

  • It does indeed @Rubygirl816, sounds right up my alley! Thanks! The premium Biscotti should also be excellent!

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    I’ll look forward to a review of the prem Biscotti..looks 🔥! Going to be hard to beat the outdoor.

  • I hadn't seen the premo Biscotti humm sounds wonderous 🔥. @Rubygirl816 I do indeed enjoy my cookies. 😋

  • @Rubygirl816 @superman38NC @TheProfessor did the Frankenstein grab anyone else's attention??I have never had the opportunity to sample this bud so any first hand info would be greatly appreciated.

  • @MNTDWLER i had some during the fall when it first appeared. That batch was excellent! Definitely different appearance. That batch looked more like the indoor duct tape on the board now or the Kimbo Kush. I grabbed a 1/2 even though I said I wouldn’t order anything else..😎

  • @superman38NC I know I'm contemplating DR FRANKENSTEIN so heavy I think I just need that little push from the little guy on my shoulder.

  • @superman38NC same here...same batch...excellent cannabis! @MNTDWLER you’d love some Frank! Is a great heavy hitting indica...a really nice evening strain!

  • @TheProfessor @superman38NC I didn't need the little guy..I got exactly what I needed a little positive information from you both. THANKS

  • @MNTDWLER I did indeed see the Frankie. I’m thinking of splitting it with the gelato that’s up. Then again, I may just get the premium biscotti and split that with the wedding cake I still have not had a chance to get yet. I’m assuming a lot of us will have some extra cash tomorrow. Although most of mine, is in fact going to bills, I am going to supply myself with some meds.

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    just posted a thread about those whenever i saw them, then i realized surely i should come here. lol

    also saw @Rubygirl816 tag me too .. hehe thanks for that! i thought of yall also when i saw the GSC strains- they just hit different when they are the special ones. Ruby both your options sound tempting and right up my alley too, honestly.. i personally definitely wouldn't miss out on the Wedding Cake .. i haven't tried the new ones obv. to compare, but it's definitely up there . very very very good. lol so yeah without breaking the bank completely i am planning to try and get a split of some kind that involves some combination of the 2 new premiums, along with Wedding Cake (must) and either indoor banana fire cookies or indoor gelato. .

    man. i'm flying right now on this latest autoflower; it's kind of a fresh twist on an old classic: blue dream x tangie. (not sure if the IG video is OK or not.. am totally anonymous on there pretty much also as im just a member of the canna community there as well lol) :

  • @Rubygirl816. Great minds think alike. I was so enamored with the outdoor Biscotti that primo from Loud was hard to pass up. Based on all the reviews I decided on some WC as well and some Jaeger to see what the fuss is all about : ) Now the wait...

  • @bluedreamer what a great order also!! i kinda went the other way with it.. i got a split half of Wedding Cake/Fire Cookies. idk, the description on the prem. Fire Cookies kinda sold me instantly. i forget what it said exactly, but i'm pretty sure it included words like "sour" and "diesel" and "pungent" and "sweet". or some combination thereof. which.. sounds alot like my very favorite profiles. my favorite flower(s?) of ALL time have ALL been: very loud.. very complex/ some element of complexity.. ('i can't put my finger on it", or tasting something different every hit, etc etc). ... and alot of them seem to have some element of fruitiness.. on the back... and alot of gas/funk in the front.. (....ok i can't help but think that sounds like a song or something. )

    idk. they all sounded good and i REALLY wanted to try the biscotti.. but ya can't have em all sometimes... i may have to order an 8th... i even SPECIFICALLY said in the outdoor biscotti thread how much i'd like to see a premium version swing thru.. lol.

    either which way, i'm a happy camper just to have those 2 coming... along with 2 vapes from mama!! (wifi OG and SS)

    have a phenomenal evening yall

  • Oh my @v32Finish Blue Dream x Tangie. I bet that tastes out of this world. Looks pretty crystally too and all over your fingers. Nice vid thanks.

  • @v32Finish nice ramen 🍜

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