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Mama wow! Order came in was missing a item. Contacted Saturday. Label made Sunday. Delivered today to SE Georgia. Seems in my opinion it’s all about what hubs you shit goes through. Thanks for the customer service @medboy @medmama



  • I'm glad to see a post about fast shipping! I hope this starts for everyone. People are fed up with the postal service. I hope I see lots more post in here from people. @medman @medboy @LoudnCo @medmama all work very hard to keep us happy. If only the postal service did the same..congrats on your fast arrival.

  • Holy cow, mama shipped my order Saturday and it’s out for delivery this morning!

  • Yeah my MedMama orders have been showing up 3-4 days tops to the East Coast. One of my Loud orders was even here in 4 days a couple weeks ago but an order I made a day before it took 8 or 9 lol.

  • ordered from loud on the 16th and label was made on the 19th, but still awaiting item. i miss the days when we would get our orders in 4-5 days :(

  • Ordered 11th. Label on update...yeah it sucks what can you do

  • Mama on 2day deliveres out here in Minnesota lol

  • MedMama is on top of deliveries, it seems. My order got here in record time too.

  • My loud shipped yesterday, supposed to be here by Friday. Looking forward to bear og

  • Wow, am I the only one that gets my order 2 weeks later? I have packages that come from the west coast by regular business (I’m in NC) priority mail, and get here in a fraction of the time. Is med mama the faster of the shippers? Maybe I should start ordering from only her.

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    I'm really surprised, very quickly!!

  • I’m in NC also and it’s always a few days more with loud than medmama for me. These last couple of months though, has been all usps. The medmama order I just received was the first time in a very long time I’ve gotten an order so quick. They are all usually ‘arriving late”. And yes sometimes two weeks @Tealeaves

  • I seen a article saying postmaster dejoy wishes to slow down shipping even more. Plus price increases. This dude needs fired fast. The election is over theres no need to keep it at a crawl so ballots wont make it on time. He is pushing lots of people off with these delays.

  • The goal is to destroy all public institutions so they can be replaced by private ones.

    Then the 0.1% can have even more money.

  • I use to think it was the usps until I received packages from the west coast (priority mail) and it gets here in 3- 5 days tops. A 2 week delivery every time I order from loud just seems to be a pattern. Med mama appears to have her shit together judging by what others are posting and my own personal experiences. I think I’m going to only order from her from here on out. I placed an order on the 14th and still no delivery. Med mama is the best option.

    *I posted this earlier but in the wrong thread.

  • On 11 days nothing showing only label made .

  • I hear ya @Tac I’m on day 10 of waiting for one order and day 6 for another order. No labels whatsoever. I know they’ll both get here. But damn the wait is awful huh? Hang in there. Well get our goodies soon!!

  • @Bambino21 definitely got to think positive . gets aggravating tho when you see some ppl that order and within a week it arrives

  • No shit. Both arrived today!! Good god. No joke. 1 and half ounces of Mendo Breath and Black Banana Cookies and 10gs of concentrates.
    Hindu Kush
    Purple Punch
    Wedding Cake
    Pineapple upside down cake

    All of it rocks. It’s all good. Y’all order whatever y’all want. Love it. Enjoy it. If it’s fire. Get obsessed with it. Let us all know how great it is and we’ll partake if we can. Damn this is some fire shit. All of it. Love it all.

  • @Bambino21 who did you order from? Im on day 15 and still nothing, I ordered from Loud.

  • @Bambino21 that's great to hear! Enjoy!

  • @Tealeaves I ordered from @LoudnCo on March 18th at 9:30pm. So essentially March 19th.
    And I ordered from @medmama on Tuesday March 23rd!! And both came today!! March 27th!!
    Never got anything at all on Informed Delivery. Checked everyday!

  • @Bambino21 beautiful buds,informed delivery isn't available in my area , but mom's orders always arrive in 3 to 7 days maybe add a day for a Sunday. Loud is about 7 to 10 days with a day going either way. The wait is part of the fun.. I'm like a kid at Christmas when I check the mail. I whole heartedly agree that everything on this site is fire, I think I'm just a little spoiled by the quality of the meds. Like you I'm from a unfriendly state so this site is a Godsend. Enjoy your meds my friend. 💚💨🍀

  • @MNTDWLER yessir. BTW, I see us smoking together in the future. I’ve read almost every forum on here now!!!! And you and I are super eye to eye and similar in lots of areas. Plus we are basically neighbors and if I’m correct. I bet a lot of stoners on here wanna toke with you just cause how mellow and chill you are. Anyhoo, those shipping dates seem spot on. You’re so correct about waiting. Building that anticipation. It was wild getting everything all at once. Actually maybe a little too much all at once in regards to mail delivery. Don’t wanna look crazy suspicious. But gotta give it up to @LoudnCo and @medmama that packaging is seriously legit. I sniffed the outside of the boxes when bringing them in from my skip out to the mailbox. Couldn’t smell a damn thing. Opened it all up. And my entire house smelled like a
    Dispensary. It was glorious.

  • Ordered from med mama Thursday 3/25 and my package is out for delivery today!! I live on the east coast. Super fast!! Ordered from loud on the 3/22 and don’t even have a label yet for that order.

  • I ordered from med mama on March 18th. My package still says in transit arriving late. I put in a request to the PO look for it and they just told me to wait. It’s been to Tennessee for some reason and I don’t live anywhere near TN. Tennessee is way southeast of where I live. 3 packages arriving late within 1 month. I hate usps so much. I keep running out because the orders have been taking longer and longer.

  • Order from loud 3/3 got the order today for the wrong shit per usual. Strictly Medmama for the next few months. Between Louds slow shipping and usps bullshit my weed fix anxiety needs a break from this combo for awhile lmao.

  • ordered mine friday last week got friday of this week ! awsome like the old days!from MM

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    Has anyone had a package travel the country? My package was in Tennessee this weekend, and this morning it’s in Mississippi. I live in Minnesota!!!! It was supposed to be here last Monday!! I feel like I’m never going to get it this time. The post office is not helpful either

  • Ordered from Mama on the 17th...praying she's just seeing the sights and arrives safely... Deep South.

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