Am I missing something how are all these good strains staying on the menu lounds premium cd is straight 🔥


  • Yeah I keep wondering how jaeger is still there...been a while since I have ordered premium.
    I bet with the increase in BTC they are able to pick up more of each

  • The Dawg never disappoints 🤪

  • I’m waiting on some wedding cake. I think it went off the board a few days ago. Hoping I was able to get it before, and it’s not subbed. But quite honestly, if it’s subbed, I won’t mind any of the premiums that are there.

  • @Rubygirl816 i got wedding cake and blackberry octane today

  • @nefgreen hit the nail on the head.

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  • Its so awesome when the old school flower pops up. Love old landraces and ibl's. Highest thc strains just dont impress me. Give me a trippy 12% panamanian or thai 😁

  • Totally agree with @CuznT I miss the landrace strains too, give me some mendo or some thai & definitely a little red and I'm happy happy happy 😊

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  • I'm beginning to suspect that full effect does not only depend on THC%.

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    I believe you to be correct @Sixwaychili! I’m lucky enough to have access to medical cannabis and while there is a noticeable difference in intensity between a 24% and 30+% Ice Cream Cake, for instance (the Ice Cream Cake here is on par with the mid 20% batch!), the overall effects remain mostly the same. To date though, the best “knock out” strains I’ve had from the dispensary were some 16% Grape Ape and some 18% Blueberry. Lights out! I do believe that % plays a part in intensity, but my experience tells me it’s more about how my body reacts to the various terpenes and genetics. Idk, I continue to learn more and more about my medicine.🧐

  • CBN is now believed to be the prominent cannabinoid that aids in sleep.

  • One thing is for sure @TheProfessor we can only trust ourselves in figuring it all out. The only thing that studies do is make some people who paid for it more money.

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    Agreed! @Sixwaychili...I’m just thinking about all the fun I’m having figuring it out!😁

    I’ve read that as well @TreesPlz. Unfortunately, OH apparently does not require cannabis to be tested for I’ve yet to see CBN numbers. That would be interesting to compare.

  • Waiting on my wedding cake to get here, but I got some mimosa, Tropicana Cookies, Mystery & sunshine sherb today.
    Has anyone tried Frankenstein?

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    @Sixwaychili @TheProfessor I often wonder if in the race for higher thc levels...have the psychoactive cannabinoids suffered from the crosses ?? I do know it's still out there, I ran an example that took me back 40yrs in Jamaica a few years ago. The wonderful bud's were this growers version of lamb's breath. The first effect was a immediate feeling of contentment followed by a slight case of the giggles. Then not exactly couch locked but if I stopped concentrating I was all over the place mentally "in a great way". Felt like that for hours I actually had to give away 1/2 a oz because we couldn't smoke it all before we left. We smoked almost a 1/4lb in two weeks and if I had the balls I would have tried to bring a lb back. All of this hitting a 50yr plus stoner was a trip back in time. Hey as the Proff said it fun doing all that research 😉

  • All other gen x kids, beg with me for this strain! Lol, this was one of my favorite shows I grew up with

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