Vapes and different prices with brands

Why are some vapes 2 for $85 and some are 2 for $155 is this based off of brand or based off of THC % and the extraction process? I see Medical Jane has a really good deal on refills, but are those even good? Why are the refills cheaper than the vapes? Someone help explain this to me please lol


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    The 2 for $85 cart's are one's that have been filled by the shippers. The 2 for $155 are suppose ably name brand cart's filled by the manufacturer the Rove are the only one's I've tried lately and they are the smoothest I have ever had. The posted thc levels are about the same I personally think the difference comes in the terp profiles and the extraction process If your looking for value the refills are the way to go because you're not buying carts and paying someone to fill them. But I'm interested to see what happens to the refills when we can't get empty cart's shipped by the big 3 anymore. As for the medjane refills I haven't seen them because after a few misses I stopped going that low.on the boards.

  • @BMan stick.with the refills my dude or louds 85$ ones but the seem the same as medmama refills so tbh i didnt realky notice a big potency diff and the 155 carts are filled by them not name brand they got the 85$ ones because they got a better deal they said none of the hardware is legit they buy it off a china site and fill em they stated that as well

  • Oh shit @MNTDWLER I didn’t even think about the empty carts! Ok time to get an order in for some sprks.

  • I just picked up the gelato refills and Grand Daddy purple. GDP is really good!! Glad I tried it, for a change!

  • I liked the gdp alot @Rubygirl816

  • @MoonMan5 @Rubygirl816 i just got some gdp refills!!!

  • My hubby and I both are enjoying the gdp refills @icdeadpeople, your going to really like it. And I always have to get a gelato when I order. Thanks to @medmama for granting my split for me, good deal!

  • @icdeadpeople you will love it

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