Solo 2 or Pax 3

Debating between these two. From some of the reviews I read online, they say solo is like pulling on a thick milkshake? I don’t have strong lung power by any means, should I stick to the pax?


  • Which do you guys think is better Convection or Conduction?

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    @Rubygirl816 I have both and yeah the solo 2 has a heavy draw. Both do great jobs with herb but the only way to concentrates with the solo is sandwiching with flower. The pax3 has the option of a concentrate adapter, of the two I definitely like pax better. It has a easy draw with tons of accessories available.

  • I've puffed on the pax 3 & own a solo 2. I guess it's all about preferences like @MNTDWLER stated. Both have their pros & cons.
    The bent glass stem (which you have to buy separately) for the Solo 2 has bigger holes for a bigger draw. I prefer to sip on mine for long sessions. But yeah, if the grind is too fine, & I over pack it, it does feel like a thick milkshake. 🤣 Small learning curve.

  • I have two PAX3s so I’m biased.😎. Love them, btw!

  • I’ve got an older pax and while I don’t have the patience to use it very often it is quite good

  • Thanks all, I appreciate it.

  • Pax 3 with budkups. Otherwise mighty

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