In all curiosity, which strain would you recommend as an aphrodisiac? We're trying for a baby and so far our favorite strain is Dolato . Would greatly appreciate any recommendations!


  • Actually, current studies suggest that marijuana use can have a deleterious effect on fertility. You might want to abstain leading up to ovulation.

  • Look in the edibles section. There is THC intimate oil. You gotta give that a whirl.

    But strain wise. Not sure.

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    I wouldn't recommend cannabis sativa for that. I'm interested in others' responses. I've used Yohimbe for erectile improvement, but that's not fertility. Psilocybin is also a great aphrodisiac, for me. I'm only now learning (re-learning) about using herbs for my conditions.

  • Raw pumpkin seeds. Takes a day to kick in. To be eaten not smoked.imho

  • Also, take a zinc supplement with selenium.

  • I must admit that we have purchased and used the Royal Highness THC infused lube. The wife really likes it and that’s good enough for me!😁🀣😜

  • @georgetirebiter I tried sex once while tripping and cannot recommend it. It almost immediately ended my relationship. I never felt like I used someone or got used more than that in my entire life. At one point, she had horns coming out of her head. But that was LSD.

  • @Sixwaychili I've had one of those types of trips before...although never that experience...wow! I actually retract all my advice on this topic. I will stick to the molecular basis of stuff where I'm more at home...

  • A shower for two and a soap on a rope always works works for me 😎. A little slap and tickle never hurts lol.

  • Usually loving and admiring that person is aphrodisiac in itself! Plus a little slap and tickle here and their never hurts!

  • I am in the slap and tickle camp, as well.

    Also, Sweeties gets me going. No idea why.

  • If I'm honest, most strains get my 'engine' roaring.

  • Have you read the review on blueberry zkittlez on leafly?


  • Purple Panty Dropper

  • @BMan LOL yep...

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