Best electric dab rig.??

I'm about to buy one and they're all expensive so I want to get the best one possible. Is it the puff co?? Dr.dabber?? I have an arizer with all the ddave mods like concentration chamber and mega adapter @MNTDWLER @MigraineWarrior79 @MoonMan5 @Rubygirl816 @medboy @LoudnCo

Help a fellow out please


  • You can find the Crossing Core for $139. It is a steal. And every bit as good as the Puffco Peak.

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    I had a Puffco Peak, but didn't really care for it, so I sold it to my cousin. I use a banger with my fav bong.
    I know many people like Dr Dabber. I don't think you can ho wrong with either.
    Happy shopping!

  • I think I'm going with the exseed dabcool w2 it's on cheaper side at like 130 to 150 but seen a bunch good reviews

  • I use my high five e quartz banger pretty efficoent and you can split in 4 payments with viabill

  • get the Peak...

  • well, idk. i couldnt decide between the Focus V carta or the peak... i chose the carta and i never use it. maybe i'm not giving it a fair shake but if i could go back, 10/10 would just get the peak

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    I've had a puffco pro for a year I use it quite a bit ..the pro preforms flawlessly I just drift from flower to concentrates. The pro is easy to dial in, provides dense clouds and a fantastic temperature control. However it's kinda hard to justify the price unless you do allot of concentrate.

  • I personally have had several erigs. I like the Cloud Electro by far. It is very sturdy for an erig doesn’t feel cheap at all. The dr dabbed boost is good too, but it is significantly smaller and feels more fragile. I’d say the dabber is more portable than the cloud. I recommend an e-nail with a good hybrid rig over the erig portable style.

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