Happy Hour

Has anyone picked this one up?
Looking for reviews and pics.


  • Sounds pretty great from the description.

  • It was not dense enough for me but good stuff.

  • I'm intrigued 👀

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    "Straight fire weed."

  • Happy Hour is Amazing!!! One of best I have had from here!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • @LIT

    Awesome!!! Thanks for letting us know!

  • Received mine yesterday and was/am super excited. Thought it was one of the better premiums that I have had in quite awhile. I was so pleased with the weed and speed of arrival that I was trying to convince my wife to change our puppy's name to "Loud" (she said no way). Happy 420 everyone and if it still available grab some while you can.

  • Damn, I almost got a little bit but decided to not spend all my money.

  • I have happy hour and was sold it would be better than the indoors out there.
    but truthfully it's not what I would call premium I have blumagoo from medmama thats just as good and it's indoor.

  • I've skipped Happy Hour every time.. @cmweems1964 . Stocked up on Blu Magoo. I should post a review..it's good stuff.

  • @MizterNiceGuy post some pics of the happy hour please if you can

  • @MizterNiceGuy I meant pics of the blu magoo sorry

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    @MizterNiceGuy stocked up on magoo myself. Looking forward to your review "if you get yours before I get mine" I'm looking forward to this puppy, a couple of it's primary medical uses are PTSD and anxiety I need help with both . That is Blue Magoo..don't know how blu magoo measures up lol. @cmweems1964 how would you describe the high, more indica, sativa or hybrid ? It doesn't matter I have it, blue Zkittles, cherry pie and unless it was subbed Biscotti coming. Just really curious about magoo.

  • Without a lengthy search, I thought I read @MizterNiceGuy describe the Blu Magoo as a “calming indica”...I took his word for it 🙂 and hopefully have an ounce of Blu Magoo and an ounce of Cherry Pie on the way, but as long as we get indoor indicas we’ll be happy!😎

  • @Mayan_Ryan nice pic, sorry you can't enjoy it. I'm curious about your reaction, I suffer from PTSD , depression and anxiety. Usually the only thing that bothers me are sativa's or heavy sativa leaning hybrids. I have had some indicas trigger light paranoia at first but it's always been manageable. On the other hand happy hour has me climbing the walls for hours, not enjoyable at all. @TheProfessor yeah I remember that, so if we don't like it it's all your fault @MizterNiceGuy 😁. I researched all I could find and as long as Magoos in that 70% indica range..it'll fit right in with the rest of my order. Still waiting for that knock your pee pee in the dirt pure indica though .

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    @Mayan_Ryan like a lot of us, I have to be careful as well. I’m a big fan of Cherry Pie, and hoping too that my own body chemistry agrees with the Blu Magoo...looking forward to getting both! You mentioned Blue Dream...that’s a strain that doesn’t agree with me as it really aggravates my anxiety and panic attacks.

  • Y'all making me all wet anticipating the cherry pie I ordered yesterday with the 20% off code. Hopefully, no subs🤞

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    @Mayan_Ryan ...I just want to be sedated!😎 There's just something cerebral about Blue Dream that doesn't agree with me. I'm generally all about heavy indica and indica leaning hybrids. My wake-n-bake is more of a wake-n-sedate, but I'm OK with that. I've got my afternoon, evening, and bedtime favorites and there all just relaxing...to different degrees.🙂

    @TreesPlz Cherry Pie...wife's FAVORITE!😁 No subs!🤞

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    @TheProfessor you know what I like 🎼 24, 24 hours ago..I wanna be sedated noth.. oh well you get the picture.😎@TreesPlz right there with ya, although I don't think we have anything to worry about on getting subbed. I hope not anyway it'll be my wife's 2nd at bat with CP she's really looking forward to it. @TheProfessor I don't know if you finished your bowl holder but I just found the 19mm male to 14mm female adapters at Smokeday.com $5.99 apiece with free shipping. My new project is making a holder for my ddaves adapters, remote and micro measuring spoons for my EQ

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    Since I haven’t seen a photo of Happy Hour and this thread went off in another direction or three 😆, here’s something to ponder.

    Nice aesthetics overall. Nugz on the smaller side, a zip didn’t fill my jar as much. A little dry, not much sticky. Sizeable lumber to hack on some of the buds. Smokes and burns pretty smoothly, no real standout terp profile, floaty head buzz hits behind the eyes fast and builds nicely - for my first sesh with this one.

    Agree with another post above that this batch may not have required ‘premium’ status. This drop was prolly nearing the end of the unit. I’m happy but will continue to mainly stick to non premium offerings 👍

    Stay lifted ♨️

  • @funkynugz Appreciate your pic & review on Happy Hour! I received a free joint of this & just got done. I agree, it's a floaty head high with a light body buzz for me. Nice stuff!

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