420 orders

Ordered on 420 wondering if anyone has seen there order shipped or label created who ordered on the same day.



  • I had one label created on the 21st one on the 22nd and my a1 yola order yesterday.

  • I had label created on the 21st from mama.

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    Mine says it will be here the 26th and i ordered from MM and Loud n Co. Pretty happy about it.


  • I just hope my reshipped stuff is on the way

  • Dang nothing here last time i got no notice it was never shipped.thank you

  • ID says my package will be here Monday 4/26.

  • How do you all get the alerts? Shopify?

  • Informed delivery usps

  • Yea mine have been 5 days most time here lately local news put the usps on notice about delivery issues and ever since then its been much better

  • Ordered from medmama on 19th got label created 21st supposedly itl be here tomorrow. Ordered from loud on 4/20 no label yet.i hope it gets done soon!

  • I'd say their were so many orders it will take 2 to 3 weeks just to get them packed up.then a week to get them all out to the post office. Then a week to get delivered. So we are looking at a months wait probably!

  • It will definitely slow them down for a bit but not 2-3 weeks! Maybe 2-3 days1

  • I never had a problem waiting and I especially don't now! Thanks for the great sale!

  • @medman we still have to deal with usps .itl show though I have meds to hold me over.i was exaggerating about the shippers but not the postal.lol no big deal that fire is worth the wait

  • Ordered 420 from Medmama it's supposed to be here Monday. Good Stuff! Thanks

  • Same here @Kellybelly99 at least my Mama order says Monday. Ordered a zip of Mimosa. Still on the menu so I feel good it won’t get subbed 🤞🏼

  • @medman didn't slow them down much, I ordered on 420 and have 3 packages due Monday that's pretty good coast to almost coast 😁. Looking forward to all the goodies from both shippers, I keep enough on hand as not to worry much about a few days..hell I'm grey and bald enough already. 😉

  • I ordered the Premium Bacio Gelato at 11am (central time) on 420...and I just received my package! 4 days from Cali to Texas. That is phenomenal. Thanks @medmama and thank you so much @medicineman! I truly don't know what I would do without y'all.

  • Picture says a thousand weeds...🙌🏽

  • @funkynugz

    My stoned ass read this as "thousand weeKs" lol

  • well, I have had zipo come thru ordered 7pm 4/20 last time I was screwed and it had not shipped dang it man.

  • Ordered on 420 three orders and as a wise man once sang 🎼Come Monday it'll be alright 🎼

  • ID says we should have our Cherry Pie and Blue Magoo Monday by 8:00. I’m excited for both!😎

  • @MigraineWarrior79 🤣 yeah a weak play on words

    @MNTDWLER my ID app works great but I added the Shop app for grins and it worked too after a while thinking. But how do you get your tracking info in there if you don’t have ID to get the tracking number? Does Shop pick it up automatically from USPS?

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    Evidently..I'm stumped I signed up for informed delivery, was notified it wasn't available to me. So I signed in to shopify I would much rather get id much more information and first hand. You tell me what's going on lol. I get notifications from the post office btsom. I do get a tracking number from shopify but try to put that into ID it goes gorilla shit and tells me "not available in your area" I laughed my as off .

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    Weird. Let me see what happens when I have another Usps package on its way. I kinda like the confetti explosion when the package arrives 🎉

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    *Bacio Gelato. (Monday)
    *Sunset Sherbet.
    *Fruit Loops. (No label until Monday?)
    *Lemon Pound Cake(not 420 sale)
    *A1 Yola(not 420 sale)
    *Watermelon OG Distillates - (Tuesday)
    MY 420 order got out of hand.I won't even mention quantity(yet). I'll try to be more involved around here and drop reviews for everyone.

  • I’m still waiting on a label to be created from my 4/20 order ID has worked on every order I’ve ever made they might be running behind from all the orders not sure

  • Slapjack mee too

  • I got a email from usps saying informed delivery app was going away. sometime in the next couple of months. Did anyone else get it??

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