Any advice regarding antidepressants

Hey fam

I've been on Prozac 20mg & Trazodone 150mg for over a decade.

I would REALLY like to get off these, however, when I start to wean myself from them I start with horrible withdrawal that is worst than coming off heroin and meth combined.

Any advice regarding this is more than appreciated.

I know it's not really cannabis related.


  • @MigraineWarrior79 both of those need a fairly gradual titration schedule. Especially the traz. Fluoxetine can rebound bad on so me people as well. My advice to anybody is to do mind med weans doctor supervised. I agree it’s best to dump both of those tho. Some of the newer Rx for depression are pretty good and have less side effects. Or just run free and stick with the weed 😉

    hope that helps.

  • @funkynugz

    I have borderline, ocd, ptsd, and mmd, however, I feel like I could go without pharmacology, or would at least like to try.

    Thank you for responding! It is much help.


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    When I weaned myself off Effexor (Side Effexor), I opened up the capsules and poured out the little beads inside the capsules. Then I gradually threw out 1/8th of them, did that for 2 weeks, then 1/4 for 2 weeks, etc. until I was able to quit. I had no idea about anything regarding the side effects or getting off it when I was prescribed it. That's the last time I will ever trust a doctor. I totaled two cars while on it and gained a ton of weight in the 6 months. I would black out wasted if I had a single drink of alcohol. Made me feel nothing at all to the point that I was no longer human. I'm absolutely amazed that people use that shit.

    I was so fed up with feeling that way that I just stopped cold turkey and I thought I was seriously going to die. I had to hold myself up with the wall to make it to the bathroom because of intense vertigo. That's when I did the very gradual weaning. It's criminal to not inform people of these issues before they take it for the first time.

    Imagine what would happen in the zombie apocalypse if people couldn't wean themselves off these properly. It would probably lead to mass suicide because it's complete and total hell to withdraw from them. I'd rather detox from heroin.

  • There's a Dr who goes on Joe Rogan whose entire practice is on this. Dr Rhonda Patrick.

  • @Sixwaychili

    I agree! If I had been told how hard it is to stop these meds, I would have NEVER started the regime.

    It's so sad
    I'll try opening the capsules of my Prozac, and lessening the dose.


    Thank you! I'll definitely look into that.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 is your Dr against you weaning off? Search for a Dr to help, if you are set on getting off there will be a Dr to help

  • @Syz

    My doc wants me on this combo for the remainder of my days. Hell no to that!

    I'll look into your suggestion. Thank you so much!

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    That's another issue. There have never been any studies on being on these drugs for long periods of time, let alone your entire life. Good luck to you @MigraineWarrior79. I was able to greatly improve my mental health by giving up soda and processed foods. I try to eat as organic and cook it myself as often as I can.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I’ve been diagnosed with several alphabet combinations myself but felt all the synthetic chemicals they had me on for years weren’t doing much and were worse overall than the diseases themselves. Been off all of em for 3 years after the doctor took me on a 4 month titration. Let’s be honest, I have good days and not so good days. But that’s life. I get through by self medicating with cannabis and music and caring for my dogs, and weekly chats with a therapist I trust. I’m sure things will work out for you, just go slow 🤗

  • @funkynugz @Sixwaychili

    Thank you two so much! 🤗💚💨

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    Just go as slow as you need to. If it takes a year or more so be it. Everyone experiences withdrawals differently.

    U may be doing fine for a while then suddenly need a little “bump” to stop the creeping withdrawal and that’s ok. Just ride the edge as best u can.

    I weaned off many years of effexor and it was actually quite smoothe. It took about 6 months.

    Weed definitely helped with managing withdrawal symptoms.

    A big key for me was I really felt ready to come off the meds. Like the issues that caused the need in the first place had been resolved… at least well enough.

  • @Joha

    Thank you very much! I do feel ready to get off of them.

  • Please be careful my friend @MigraineWarrior79, do it slowly.

  • @Rubygirl816

    I will, my friend! I'll be seeing my doc on the 4th, and I'll discuss it with her.

  • did not read all the replies yet. but definitely i feel for you!!! @MigraineWarrior79 those are fkn hot garbage. i have definitely been on the ol antidepressants and they're all trashcans. (no judgment here!!! i only say bc i come from the same place. lol)

    i agree with whoever said- super slow. having a doc you're comfortable with and trust, is a must, also. just make your mind up: "NO." and then stick with it, even if it takes forever. i'm facing a similar challenge myself. the quality of life improvement we would both receive, would make it CRAZY not to do it.. but it's easier to just keep on w the ol status quo. ;) GOOD LUCK!! you got this!! don't stress it & do it on your terms!!

    great advice from @Joha!! great post, friend!! couldn't agree more.

    much love to all my medfam . everyone be safe !!!

  • @v32Finish

    Thanks friend! I'll keep yall posted!

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