Loud brining the heat

Imma half to take out a loan🤨


  • Couldn't resist, grabbed some prem MAC. The Wedding Cake looks 🔥 too.

  • I think il split a 1/2oz wedding cake and premium mac. Damn @LoudnCo you dropped that gas🔥🥇 so that wedding cake is from the same grower of the last batch of premium wedding cake? Since I haven't gotten a label yet and the purple punch is gone I guess il get subbed! Hope it's the wedding cake premium. Thank you for all the gas you drop.

  • I'm just as excited for trying caesar and jungle punch. Too bad I need to eat my vegetables first (loud cing today/tomorrow already).

  • @MikeyC that caesar looks sticky icky. I may have to try it also!

  • Master kush and mammoth skunk arrived- about to go under the boveda protocol with my a1 yola

  • @MikeyC wow that was fast on the master kush, great score.

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    The master kush looks similar to mamas sunset sherbert aka gorgeous. Hmu in 2 days after boveda magic.

  • The mammoth skunk smells like skunk should and is also sticky but not as sticky as the MK. And the MK is just leaking trichomes onto the bag- the jars will have to rehab em.

  • @MikeyC just pulled out 4 bovedas for my order. I am pissed I missed the MK I swear it dissapeared right before my eyes lol.

  • Caesar disappeared for me

  • Just ordered the blackberry and the jungle punch. 🤤

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    That velvet kush and rain maker though

  • @TreesPlz the rain maker got me, I was feeling a little dry..even though 420 soaked me 😉💨💚

  • I had to try that Velvet Kush.
    I swear it looks like there’s carrots and purple cabbage in there. Should have names it “Cole Slaw” lol

  • @OzBaxter

    I was tempted by the velvet kush, too, but Sunset and Gelato 33 won over.
    I don't know, but I MAY go back for it, haha

  • @LoudnCo be tryin to separate me from my money 😜

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    @LoudnCo got my reship from loud today! Bear OG Shatter with a sub of the king Louie carts for animal mintz and dosi do half grams ! Total amount for the carts was honored so thank you 🙏 also @Med Mama Helper order came today as well so it’s a cannabis tsunami over here. Happy camper and @medboy with his excellent customer service on Loud’s reship.

  • Awesome

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