Purple punch moonrock

Ive never even considered moonrocks before. I normally zip right past them. Yes, price is an issue, but they just seem like theyd be more trouble to utilize as well as just plain messy. At the pricepoint MM has them, I jumped on a zip. Prolly never buy them again, but dang, PURPLE PUNCH and moonrocked to boot. Thank you @medmama @Med Mama Helper @medboy @medman ✌


  • Your going to be disappointed bro

  • While I haven’t tried the purple punch moonrocks, I had some of Louds regular moon rocks maybe 6 months ago or so and they were underwhelming. I hope this batch is better!

  • It seems like you could buy everything to make your own and they would be 1/2 as expensive.

  • @Zackarrry naw, never disappointed. If its that bad, it can be squished lol.
    @Sixwaychili kinda thought that, but at Mamma's price, it will be interesting.
    At 260 zip, if its as decent as indoor, its 6 of 1 half dozen of another.
    I will give a smoke report either way.
    Peace all.

  • @CuznT WWOWW I never saw the $260 price nice score depending on the quality. But if it's coming from @LoudnCo your golden CUZ😁 Heck a sack-o-pp go's for more than that..at least my last one did.πŸ‘

  • Heck, I made my own the other day. Filled a bowl with ground flower, added a drop of vape refill and then topped with some kief. Couldn't finish it before I fell asleep.

  • @Sixwaychili same thing..just cutting out the middle man πŸ‘

  • @MNTDWLER it totally kicks my ass. I don't want to do it often because I hate having to work hard to get high if my tolerance shoots up higher.

  • Yeah, I find myself beefing up my spliffs at least once a day with oil. Lil line of gg4 up the side makes for a good time, then a sound sleep. If it wasnt for 90% crop failure last fall, Id never be toying with anything like oil or moonrocks. Tickled to have MM available. Ive tried all the product categories. Stuff that as an old hillbilly head wouldnt have retail access to. Pretty cool.

  • @CuznT right with ya pal , I would never have access to anything like this..they don't call this old hillbilly mountain dweller for nothing πŸŒ„

  • @MNTDWLER best I remember, Im just north of you, in the hills. Up on a ridge, way out lol.

  • @CuznT brother I used to be way out..the little town I remember of 20,000 people is now 500,000 and growing. My mountain top has been gentrified lol. I have to go out on occasion and shoot a gun..just to remind 'em where they are

  • @MNTDWLER my hometown is like that. Here, last I heard, the entire county has lil over 20k. If I can stay on my ridge its not too bad. The occasional 1hr, 1 way, trip to Dr appts isnt too bad either. As a family we target shoot. No mistaking where we are. We have a few shooting families scattered about.

  • @CuznT it didn't help when we were voted one of the top 5 places to raise a family and retire a few years ago. I don't care I have the gsmnp on three sides of me. No one can ever build around me. 😁

  • @MNTDWLER ouch, I can see what you're saying. Most of our growth is coming from house boating retirees from northern states. There are a cpl ways for someone to sneak in on us. But the closest anyone could get is about 300'. We've actually talked about buying a small place in town, but keeping this place. The land was a gift, so we'll never sell it. My one wish is there was closer fishing. The 2 springs are nice, just no fish lol.

  • @CuznT we have a lot of half backs here, they come from N.Y & N.J. move to Florida then move half way back 😁. My closest neighbor is a half mile away. I do have a nice spring "no fish" but there is a stocked private lake 100 yards away. Not big 125 acres but no gas motors allowed, Nice and quiet 😊

  • @MNTDWLER @CuznT sounds like you both have a little slice of heaven!!

  • Lulz @. halfbacks

    I ain't heard that one before. That's pretty good. The war of northern aggression still continues to this day.

  • @MNTDWLER That sounds like a sweet setup, man. Well done πŸ‘πŸΌ

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    Zip purple punch

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  • @CuznT Beautiful 😳 Appreciate the pics! Weed porn

  • It dont look like it has much oil on the buds from the pic. Do they?

  • @Kayla its flower with oil sprayed on, then dusted with kief. Not alot of oil content. Its just past being able to go in grinder. Its a lil dry n not much smell. I smoked a lil but I had already taken nerve pain meds (neurontin) so not sure of the affects. Seems to be very sedating. I'lp try it after a cpl days in contact with Boveda. Om hoping the bouquet increases a bit after hydration. Thought about squishing a gm or two to check the content. Just dont want to dig out the press. Overall for 260/zip Im happy. Its herb πŸ™‚βœŒ

  • @CuznT that's all that matters really that your happy! Stay lifted. πŸš€πŸ€©

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