Trouble sending BTC to the address with cashapp

Has anyone been having trouble sending btc with cashapp? It’s not taking the address and I’ve tried 3 times


  • I did 2 weeks ago, I guessed the amount" I always get extra because of exchange fees." Sent it directly to the number not using the QR CODE. Everything worked fine.

  • @Kellybelly99 i ordered $10 more and it would not send to the 5 addresses I entered. It wouldn’t give the option to hit next

  • @WDEgkj when the wallet address pops up right under where your supposed to put it click on it then it will let you move forward

  • Yeah there's like a confirmation step kinda like Kyla described and yeah that min is a bitch I wanted to send like 30 or 40 to invest in penny stocks basically but had to add funds before could do it

  • I don’t see that option. There’s 1 for note or some shit. I knew the minimum but this was like $400 worth of stuff I was splitting with a friend. I’m highly pissed lol! Thanks for the advice y’all. I’ve tried at least 10 times and I can’t get it to move forward

  • @WDEgkj cash app has a transaction log in the menu button on the bottom right. Does it show the status of your transactions?

  • Yeah it'll show a the address you pasted up top then a blank line then the address you pasted repeated and you tap it and the diagonal arrow gets darker and you can press to send or something like that best I can remember

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