The inconsistence in shipping is enough to drive you crazy. I order a small amount in comes in 4 days, I order a large amount (half ounce or more) and were looking at two weeks......I have no more hair to pull out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I've had the opposite experience. That tells you that there is no pattern.

  • It's all random ime

  • Always random Some take afew days to a week, some take a whole month. Both big and small orders.

  • Issa a crap shoot

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    Holidays, especially federal ones that fall on a weekend, always screw up deliveries.

    The next holiday is Labor day, the first part of September; so load up. :wink:

  • It all depends on how much they like you. :P

  • I read this and placed a decent sized order. Thanks for the 🧕 👆

  • I generally don't place small orders, but in three years my longest delivery time was ten days and the shortest three days. The average has always been 4-6 days.

  • I ordered an ounce on the 6th from loud and it's out for delivery today the 10th.

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    Dammit, got the dreaded "insufficient address" on my informed ID, which means that the driver just didn't deliver it for some dumb reason from what I can tell. I mean it's only on Informed Delivery because the address matches mine.

    Now I have to wait and worry until Monday, uggh. And if it really got sent back, then I have to wait for the vacation to be over.

  • Dang @Sixwaychili so sorry..That’s the worst! Had something similar happen. Hopefully it arrives Mon

  • I can Depend on MM they come through 4 days always correct!

  • @Sixwaychili that sucks brah, maybe things will work out Monday. I just had a package lay around my local post office for over 3 weeks. Only after the retailer sent me a replacement order...some how the original shook loose and was delivered the same day as the replacement??? I even had the post office look for it to no avail. Who knows I thought it was my 87 year old postal worker who retired this week. Good luck

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    Well I got my package today! Phew. Didn't get the Ice Cream Cake split so I got a whole ounce of Lodi Dodi. Now I'll have to savor my Bacio for longer as my night time smoke since I just finished up Fruit Loops and Jager. The Lodi Dodi smells amazing though, about to get into that.

    And my address was perfect by the way. It must be a new delivery person or at least someone subbing for my normal one. Another package I got today was scanned "Delivery Attempted - No Access to Delivery Location" about 7 minutes before it was delivered.

  • It was Sub-City for me!

    I ordered Pop-Tart from Mama and Ice Cream Cake from Loud.

    I received Purple Punch from Mama and Jungle Punch from Loud.

    Talk about throwing whatever out the door before vacation LOL!

  • At least you got it. I ordered the Thursday before shut down and haven't got mine yet. I'm hearing from my regular postperson that they can't get any help and nobody wants to work. I'm seeing and hearing that a lot from businesses here in the southern part of the US. I can't be so lucky my ass is in the American Sling... I mean dream

  • Just got mine!

  • Is the main site down? It won't load for me

  • @OzBaxter Down for me Too

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