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I have been reading the comments on how the shipping works. I placed a order on October 10. By Monday I was able to find the tracking number. Now the post office is saying they have been waiting on the package since the 14th of October. Will this be update so I can track? Or has this been shipped already? I still have not received my package.


  • Please wait up to 10 business days before writing a "Where is
    my package?" email. Please be patient. We ALWAYS deliver! :-)

  • I don't know if that was the answer you where looking for. In my experience informed delivery is very slow in updating . By the time it updates very possible it could be at a facility very near you . Hope that helps

  • I think that Flapples was offering a parody of our customer service a bit. I do seem like a broken record sometimes.

  • Your OK, Medboy. We get it.

    @mommiller50 - Once, ID said one of my orders went back and forth a couple of times, taking the scenic route I guess, until it headed west. One time ID showed nothing, then all of the sudden my package was about to be delivered the next day.

    And the postal folks once took 2 days to move my order 165 miles... so don't sweat the ID.

    (I admit it, when I am waiting for an order I check ID 5 or 6 times a day even though I know the data hasn't changed yet. :-) )

  • If you add the text-me feature you automatically get updates to your phone when status changes.

  • Thank you,Justaguy for the information it was helpful. I was not trying to ask for anyone to find my package I was just trying to understand how the Informed delivery site worked with the USPS/

  • I really appreciate this question and the comments. I've had that same message on ID since 10/14 also and didn't understand what it meant or if maybe there was an update issue. Thanks for helping to put my mind at ease :)

  • Hey everyone. Just a note that there were some delays this week from medmama due to regional power outages. Sorry about that!

  • Hello all is there any other way to see where shipments are when I tried to sign up for Informed Delivery and it says my address is not available for informed delivery, didn't know if there is any other way to track ? Thank You in Advance Jerry

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    I found this: "Who is able to use Informed Delivery® and are there limitations on participation?

    You must live in an eligible ZIP Code™ location and be able to verify your identity in order to sign up for Informed Delivery. In rare instances, you may live in an eligible ZIP Code, but cannot sign up for the feature because your individual mailbox is not uniquely coded; this coding determines which images are provided to each Informed Delivery user and ensures that users view mail destined for their address only. While most addresses are uniquely coded, not all are, especially in high density areas (e.g., apartment buildings or condos). If your address is not uniquely coded, you will not be able to sign up for Informed Delivery at this time; please check back at a later date. USPS is working to increase the number of addresses with access to Informed Delivery."

    And this:

    Is Informed Delivery® available to PO Box™ customers?

    Yes. Informed Delivery is available to consumers that have a PO Box in an eligible ZIP Code™ location. If you would like Informed Delivery for both a residential address and a PO Box address, you will have to create a separate personal account on® for each address. Please note that in-person identity proofing may be required to sign up for Informed Delivery on a PO Box. Additional documents (PO Box application PS Form 1093 or online record of payment) may be required to successfully complete the sign up process.

    Is Informed Delivery® available to businesses?

    No. The feature is available to residential consumers and eligible personal PO Box™ addresses, but Informed Delivery is not currently available to business customers. We hope to offer Informed Delivery to small business customers in the future.

  • There is no way whatsoever to track a package without a tracking number.
    If you get ahold of the tracking number you can track it on the USPS website or USPS app.
    The MM rules imply that they will only supply a tracking number if it's been over 14 days. But at that point it's late because the shippers made a mistake and didn't ship it (it happened to me).
    Or someone intercepted it and MM gives you the tracking number to prove it was sent and delivered and someone must have hijacked your shit.
    Its gonna cause a hassle and slow down the flow of everyone's packages if we further overburden the already overburdened MM email box.

  • Thanks Guys most of this I had read on this website or USPS, not asking for a tracking number from MM just asking if there is another way beside Informed Delivery ?
    thanks Jerry

  • I believe it's the only way.

  • Thank you Medboy I appreciate the response, I didn't think there was any other way that is what I get for living out in bumfrig country ! Thank you Jerry

  • Where you live really has nothing to do with it believe it or not , as far as city or country that is. I live in New York City and mostly all my friends get it but for whatever reason my address doesn't?

  • Even after years of experience at this desk, I still don't understand Informed Delivery. Some folks find that it works great for them. Others...

  • For me to get verified for Informed Delivery, I had to answer a question about who I sold a house almost 20 years ago. There's no way in hell I'd remember that, so I had to research public records. Took about 30 minutes to find it.

  • Informed Delivery works best when you provide a ZIP + 4 address format .

  • FWIW I don't know if you're missing much. It doesn't seem to work at all for packages. I have Amazon packages that I know are on their way to me and they don't show up anywhere unless I manually input the tracking number. I've been checking it constantly (I ordered 10/28 so I'm starting to get nervous). It sends me great pictures of my bills and junk mail though. :/

  • Amazon rarely ships USPS. They use FedEx UPS and DHL.
    FedEx & UPS can search inside your packages, they are privately owned companies and you agree (consent) to have your packages searched, which is not cool.
    USPS is a Government entity.
    To search through your shit, the USPS
    Postmaster General, must have a search warrant, issued by a Federal Judge, with probable cause before they can even think about opening your box.
    This has nothing to do with your inability to register for Informed Delivery. It's good info though.
    My mail lady says sometimes the USPS doesn't offer Informed Delivery for addresses of rental properties (apartments, condos) due to the high turnover of occupants.
    You might move out and you would still be able to see the new tennant's mail going to that address. Informed Delivery is tied, more so, to the physical address and not the person who is requesting Informed Delivery.
    USPS is required to protect your privacy, mail is private property........Do you see where I'm going with all this?
    It's not worth the risk for the USPS to inadvertently violate someone's privacy so they choose to deny Informed delivery for some folk. At least that's what my kick-ass mail lady tells me.

  • klaasje115, can I ask who you placed your order with? I was fixing to place an order and I saw your post just curious. Thank you.

  • Thisguy, awesome post! I believe now I know why I do not get informed delivery. I live in a rental house with three apartments. That makes sense. Thanks.

  • Flapples - It was a Med Mama sample 1/8th. I haven't seen anyone else having issues though, probably just me and my rotten luck. Of course it could show up tomorrow.

  • If you ordered the sample along with another product in a combined order, then the shipper might have withheld the 8th. Samples can only be ordered by themselves. If this is the case, please write to me through the contact form and we'll get you straightened out.

  • Thisguy, the problem is when you have a shitty USPS delivery person and your neighbor opens your package because you didn't get it. It's your neighbors you have to worry about.

  • Well my issue ended up being that I'm a dumbass and left the street address off the order form! I had issues with the captcha and had to refresh the page a few times, it must have kicked the address off and I didn't notice. Luckily Medboy's a good egg and got me straightened out. So yeah, rookie mistake on my part, so don't let my issues dissuade you from ordering!

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