@medmama come on give us one strain to let us know that your still kicking πŸ˜‰. I have gotten used to your great selections and delivery times that can't be beat but this is your weakness board in awhile. I know the drops coming at any time and it'll be fantastic but I'm looking at a pre-Christmas board right now and it's depressing. The conclusion I've come to is you're taking a longer well deserved break. Well that's all the whining I've got today 😁 so I'll slowly slink away πŸ˜‰πŸ’šπŸ’¨πŸ€


  • Any way more tears coming too Mama?

  • I order something yesterday and asked if they had something new and to sub it Lol!

  • @theunleet πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  • @theunleet LMAO Brilliant

  • I love it

  • Now you got me to wondering. I ordered some Blackwater on Friday night but the order didn't drop until today, and BW is off the menu. :neutral:

  • I didn't want anything on the menu. I had the blackwater premium and it was good. But the outdoor SFV OG I just finished was not very good. Someone got bored when trimming and said fck it, and I felt maybe the percentage was a little low.

  • Weird, I really liked the SFV OG I got, but I might have purchased that from LOUD instead, can't remember. I did not like Blackwater though.

  • Not any longer! It's a feast!😁

  • Holy cow it is a feast @TheProfessor, don’t know what to choose lol

  • I know @Rubygirl816 ... there's a lot of duplicates, but I just keep scrolling and scrolling!😁😎

  • Expect an update of a restock today however all that stuff being listed d simultaneously and the duplicates =Seems like a glitch

  • Yeah...something's not right. Let's hope that they're updating the menu and there will be new inventory regardless...just probably not so bountiful.

  • If you want to and know how to scan that list and notice stuff you haven't seen this year- that's what I think is gonna be in the real drop - premiums I never saw showed up

  • Check the order page.

  • @TreesPlz is the bad newz breaker! Love it. Zucked in the ash

  • @MikeyC my badπŸ˜₯

  • Think somebody took you literally @MNTDWLER πŸ˜‰

  • I saw White Rhino and got excited

  • edited July 23

    I hope to God they honor my sub and give me something else!!!!! Why the menu update AFTER I order some leftovers... If they honor my sub for something new I will pass out with joy! Still waiting for a label.

    Edit: I see menu is a error I guess 😭

  • @LoudnCo @medmama it's a nice gesture but I stopped smoking imaginary bud at the same time my imaginary friend decided he liked another boy πŸ˜‰. You had me giddy as a kid at a amusement park but my stomach dropped when I hit the order form. I mean COME ON!! Don't be cruel I asked for one strain and you give me 100 ghost strains πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Dwelling Deflated

  • Dam I was in Heaven for awhile this morning!!! THen come back to order an its all gone!!!!

  • @kleco82 it was a glitch. I think the strain portion of the website still shows everything, but order portion is supposed to be accurate. Talking about walking down memory lane though. I couldn’t imagine having that many choices lol

  • We been "punk'd"..LOL

  • Label finally made from Tuesday, they are either honoring my request or I will get some leftovers 😭

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