Order Issues and Zero Inventory 7/25

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UPDATE on July 27:

OK, the site SHOULD be good to go. What does this mean? Ordering is available and you SHOULD get a confirmation email now after your payment has cleared. I will be checking every order, so none will get missed and you are safe to purchase again. Should you not get a confirmation email, know that I will be keeping an eye on things.

Thanks for your patience while this was sorted out!


UPDATED on July 25:

We are now seeing problems with payment confirmations. While orders are being processed, the automation that sends the confirmation emails are not being sent out which is causing confusion for many customers. While this is worked on, we are temporarily halting sales. While I do not have an ETA, I would expect this to be resolved shortly.

Sorry for the recent site problems, we are going to get this all resolved and be back soon!


Hi all,

Sorry about the site craziness. There are issues with ordering (an error gets returned instead of the wallet address you'd expect) and the inventory is way, way off. This is being worked on.

Our apologies for the downtime! We really hope to get this under control today.




  • Thanks for the update!

  • OK, we're getting there! The categories are still what we'd LOVE to have but aren't accurate. The order page is but the amount at checkout seems off. If you can hold on ordering until I update this thread, that would be appreciated.

  • Things are looking back to normal. Test orders have gone through and everything looks right aside from Medical Jane showing up in the categories. She has not returned and you won't see her on the actual order page, so sorry for any confusion there, we'll get that fixed ASAP.

    Sorry for the downtime and appreciate everyone's patience while things were worked on. The site may look somewhat simple but it's actually much more complicated that it would seem.


  • Just placed an order, all worked fine.

  • This is so disappointing. For a day or two I saw wonderful strain choices but I couldn’t order. Now the ordering works but it’s the same boring choices as before. Please show me things are different.

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    @medboy the formatting seems off when viewing the strains page from a hand held mobile device, FYI.

  • @TreesPlz Thanks for the heads up!

  • Yeah it's skewed on my phone as well

  • Site still acting up? Unable to view any selections.

  • @medboy so nothing to worry about if we made an order and saw two transactions on the blockchain but didn’t receive any confirmation email?

  • I have one troubleshooting point for your system problems. If a system has been working for a long period, and then it fails when new data are added, the first place to check is the data. You added a lot of new products last week. Are there any illegal symbols (apostrophes can be deadly), missing decimal points, or anything that is not standard data formatting?
    Having a test/backup system would provide a way to check things without affecting your business. But that's more work and expense.
    Good luck!

  • @Greasycheeseman6 Great question! I have gone through and checked every single order against the blockchain. If you have 2 confirmations, your order has been processed!

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    7/26 1:40pm eastern time.

    The order page is not available.

    Edit: sorry, didn’t read update at top first. Should’ve done that. Hope all is well. My apologies.

  • @medboy sorry to be a worry wart but two transactions on the blockchain address you mean?

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    @Moochy , this isn't your 1st rodeo. How do you not know by now your entire order normally will not come in all at once. Please don't bother asking why; that's how they do it. They def have their reasons for it. Doing it this way is more expensive for them, so, therefore, as I said, they have their reason. Take a deep breath and relax. Also, I HIGHLY doubt you've been beaten twice. Suppose you paid them twice and never received your product, you expect me to believe you tried for a 3rd time. Sorry, I do not believe you could be that $%^&*^..... Not receiving your product is just the beginning of your issues. But, again, I do not believe anyone in their right mind would try for the 3rd time. Also myself nor my friends have ever been beaten for the entire order. Do mistakes happen>? yes, Amazon makes mistakes every day, but to say you've been beat twice is laughable

  • Order page empty as well as main page for me. Something going on again I’d have to assume. I can’t be only one with blank order page to. Was looking to grab some of that Mac!

  • It must've been z Germans

  • @medboy thank you so much!! appreciate you guys ✊🏾✊🏾

  • I feel bad for German people with down syndrome because they have to read this shit to find out when they can get high again!

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    Googles 'German literacy rates'

  • If you're not asking a question about the current site issue, please use another thread. This should be where someone could go to get an actual question relating to what's happening right now answered.


  • That’s ok. Thanks for the update

  • That being said any time line on how long we are talking about the site being down???

  • can't see products wondering when your issues will be fixed on the site

  • I don't have an exact ETA. It is being worked on, but we want to make sure that all functions are working and this is taking longer than we'd like.

  • I know it’s hard, but patience yall🤦🏻

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    I do apologize for this outage, it pains us to have to keep the site down while things are fixed. Better this than you order, pay and it doesn't go anywhere though. It's 8:30pm PST, I wouldn't imagine this will get back to normal until tomorrow. On a positive note, we're pretty sure we know what the main problem is and should be able to fix it at that time.

    Thanks for hanging in there with us!


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