Order Issues and Zero Inventory 7/25



  • Appreciate the update. It means a lot to folks like myself. I’m sure it’s a total bitch dealing with non sense like that. Thank you for working very diligently on this for all of us and keeping us informed. That’s class act and very professional. I’m proud to be a part of our little community ( probably not so little) but it’s a really great site.
    Thanks once again. I appreciate it!!

  • So when is site supposed to be ready to rock and roll??

  • Looks like it’s working? Is that true? Or should we continue to hold off?

  • Glad I got more than one jar!!

  • @kleco82 this is why I hoard lol.

  • OK, the site SHOULD be good to go. What does this mean? Ordering is available and you SHOULD get a confirmation email now after your payment has cleared. I will be checking every order, so none will get missed and you are safe to purchase again. Should you not get a confirmation email, know that I will be keeping an eye on things.

    Thanks for your patience while this was sorted out!


  • My current order appears to have been processed correctly. I did receive the payment confirmation email.
    Your effort is appreciated. Thank you.
    I look forward to the product.

  • Just a heads up for @medboy The formatting on all but the home and contact pages on mobile (iOS) is still kinda wonky.

  • It's back

  • @funkynugz Thanks, I did pass this along.

  • A post says it's back, but still nothing on my page, still empty....

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    Nothing under strains but Med Mama seems to have restocked

    Just checked and the descriptions are back actually

  • edited July 2021

    try clearing the cookies from your browser, worked for me. :) or else, try a different browser

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