Waffle Cone Review

edited July 29 in Product Reviews

Ordered an 1/8th for reference:

Appearance: light green nugs with dark green spots on most of them. Though 2 of them were purple. Cured to profection. (No pictures, Nugs were really small and I couldn’t get a good one)

Smell: just like lavender with gas

Taste: Again to me tastes like it smelled. Like lavender.

High: I got a super fast head high. I got incredibly high extremely fast. After about 10 minutes my whole body felt numb and relaxed. After around an hour I got very tired and ended up passing out. (Total time: around an hour and half)

Conclusion: This strain is like a tranquilizer. Numbs and relaxes your body into a blissful haze and then just knocks you flat out. I think I have found my sleeping medicine.


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