Splits? Or?

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Hey everyone!
Excited to see the discount strains up, but there's so many to choose from! Ohh, the decisions!

Well, I looked around in the faq, and some other places, and didn't find any guidance on this... I've seen some people here say something about "splits" here in the forum, quite a few times before. I found this on the order page: "We will "mix and match" strains for half and full ounces, but please read our rules around it on our rules page!", But rules page won't load for me. I don't know what is meant when one says split here in the forums, so...
Are you guys somehow purchasing at the Oz price and having it split into 2 strains (2 halves) of equal value? Are we able to do that? If so, how? Or do we just have to put the order in for 2 halves, paying the upcharge? Fine with that, but want to be sure that I'm not arbitrarily spending a few extra bucks when I could get both at a bit of a discount.

Thanks for your help!


  • @Mnpd

    Heya! You can spilt a half to 2 oz between 2 strains.(maybe up to 4 oz, but not sure as I've never ordered that much😁)

    All you have to do is put your request in the comments section.

    I typically put my request in all caps just to ensure the shipper sees it.

    I hope this helps! There's veterans thats been here since the beginning who can answer to the higher quantities.

    Have a great weekend!

  • On top of order page it says:

    We will "mix and match" strains for half and full ounces, but please read our rules around it on our rules page!

    The rules page is broken.


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    @Mnpd I do two ounce splits all the time. To do a split, check the strain and amount (I usually check the strain I want the most) - 1 or two ounces. Then in the comments section, write that you want your 1 or 2 ounces split with “_____.” The split needs to be the same quality… outdoor, greenhouse, indoor, premium. I can only remember not getting my requested split once, and we ended up with 2 ounces of Cherry Pie, the wife’s favorite strain!😎😊👍🏼

  • I wish I got some.of that cherry pie.

  • @Mnpd What they said, as @TheProfessor and my girl @MigraineWarrior79 said order the strain you want most then put a request for the split in all "CAPITAL LETTERS".this works 95% of the time for me. Good luck and stay happily medicated 💚💨🍀

  • For loud?

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    @MikeyC Loud's record of honoring splits hasn't looked so good lately, I don't know what's going on. With the exception of my last 4/20 order (which worked out in my favor anyway), I've never not received my requested split from either shipper. That said, it's been awhile since I've ordered anything from the NW.

  • My last order from Loud was a split that was honored. Got the Hawaiian Cookies and Tasty Waves. Deep down I wished I had just received all Hawaiian Cookies 🤪. Straight 🔥. Premium at indoor price. Tatsty waves is alright but not comparable to 🍪.

  • Hate it when that happens @superman38NC!🤣. Good to hear that your split was honored nonetheless. Seems somewhat hit or miss with Loud based on recent posts.🤷‍♂️

  • I never had an issue until I did.

  • We try to honor all splits. I would imagine the issue being when we get hit with a lot of orders that my staff is just trying to get everyone's order out. I will still speak to them about it and try to figure this out; but that is my solid guess on the situation.

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    I must have been too high. The mistake was on me this time!

    Also the rules page with the split rules has been fixed


  • After I reordered the label has been sitting since Friday Morning. How many days after a printed label sits do I need to be concerned? It's day 6 since the label appeared @LoudnCo

  • @medboy I was reading rules page on splits. I believe it’s for flower strains only. Would @medmama honor a shrooms split? I’d like to do an ounce and have half of one and half another. Is that possible? I know your super busy. Thanks in advance.

  • They usually do, but keep in mind their inventory is getting low and they may not be able to.

  • @medboy Totally understand. Just wasn’t sure if they even did it. If they can’t. It’s all good. If so, YAY!!

  • I ordered many splits and they have always been honored.

  • @MikeyC In same boat as you waiting since the 20th, no movement. However, I have seen this a few times where no movement until the box shows up in mailbox. Hoping that is the case. Been buying for more than 7 years from med and never thought about when my order would arrive cause it was always here when it was suppose to be here, didn't need tracking. Duck sucking dickhead DeJoy fucked all that up.

  • Last time this happened to me was recently and they replaced my pack and it was fine.

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