I saw the discount on the vape refills and got excited!😭

Now im sad. I don't check this forum much and i missed med mamas retirement. Has anyone tried louds distillate in a vape cart?


  • I haven't tried louds distillate, if I needed more today I would buy louds distillate and buy cannabis derived terps to mix in. In my opinion you didn't miss anything with mamas refills. You can also find d8 for ~2$ A gram, never tried it myself.

  • It's ok Johnny- I stocked up for the both of us!

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    @Johnny420 yes it works great but like @Fallguy says if you want a certain terp profile there's tons of ways to go. I like this place https://theterpenestore.com/ you can get strain specific or again like f g said d8 and mix a couple for a custom blend 😋. I started making my own after several weak and less than appetizing refills. Sometimes my blends sux 🤢 but I've never had a problem with their pureTerps. Good luck 💚💨🍀 Tha Dweller

  • @Johnny420 I actually realized that I have tried the rove carts recently and they are just as good as mas were! All had different effects.

    How are you consuming the distillate?

  • You gotta try eating a drop! I don't know why this isn't a popular method of ingestion.

  • @MikeyC in vape carts i liked mas cause of the price my wife doesn't work due to kidney failure so i have to buy for 2 the name brand carts or just too pricey i can get live resin carts from a dispensary in another state 40 miles from where i live if i want to spend that much.
    I was curious about louds distillate the pic shows it in a silicone container how easy is it to transfer it to one of the syringes ma used

  • Ahh. This I don't know. I do know you can use a special device to consume this. Like a dynavap

  • @Fallguy I agree! I've done it and it's crazy.

  • @Johnny420 my friend this works for me. ![](Watch "HoneyStick Oil Recovery Kit - Recover Oil from prefilled 510 .cartridges | rescue remaining vape oil" on YouTube
    )Just heat the silicone container with a hair dryer and pull into the syringe. Good luck

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