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I've never bought a vape so I'm not sure how they work. Do they come with the battery? Are they refillable and rechargeable or do you toss them when they're done? Worth the price?


  • Get your own battery ,guess you can refill never tried an i toss them average high but heard the CC were better

  • No none of the vapes on here come with battery. You can order the refills and fill your own carts or buy the carts already filled.

  • If you want to fill your own cartridge, you need to buy one that is capable of burning the thicker oil. I use a hairdryer to make the oil warm up, thin and flow easier into the cartridge.


    I know individuals that use cheap batteries. I like a battery that has settings for different heat levels.

  • What's a good vaping battery to buy?

  • Yocan uni pro

  • @Fallguy I second what they just said. Yocan Uni Pro you can’t go wrong. When you buy something to utilize when partaking with the vape, a battery will come with it. For instance the Yocan has a battery to attach to your cart. It’s very easy. Simple. And clean.

  • I use a Kanger Tech EVOD for carts and a pico eLeaf box mod for concentrates.

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    I got the pckt plus, very easy, small, discrete

    Edit: adding link, perpetually on sale for 45$

  • After breaking 2 carts with a pen battery, I highly recommend something that envelopes the whole cart.

  • I have a vessel I love! It’s a little expensive but I’ve never had an issue with it.

  • @Syz I got a pckt two and love it!

  • @Sixwaychili the two worth the price hike? I think the 1plus is flawless lol

  • I have two Airis Tick vape batteries. These are like a zippo lighter with a flip top to fully conceal the cartridge when not in use. They use a magnetic connection and it comes with two different 510 thread screw on magnetic adapters. The battery lasts way longer per charge than any pen i ever had. Pass thru charging and a small window to check oil level.

  • @Syz I like USB-C charging and the haptic feedback and auto-turn on when beginning to inhale. I'm sure it's just little improvements. I think I got mine for $35 or $40 on sale.

  • I think one plus has the auto turn on for inhale. What does the haptic indicate @Sixwaychili

  • I also own a Yoca

  • Over time I've gone through many batterys and cart's.As for cart's I generally stick with pckt ceramics unless I find a good deal on a higher end cart. As for batteries you can't have enough jmo, I like a pen battery to slip into a jacket pocket for going out " Jupiters my current favorite. It's three years old and still producing massive clouds🤪💨..i like the set the heat mode and then just draw on it no looking for that 😡BUTTON before you can hit it. I really like my pckt plus it's great but the connections require more matinence jmho. But my go to... that has watched me blow through a lot of other batteries and it eats cart's like babies eat cheerios
    👶Is my e🍃leaf tc 40w it's a real workhorse. I go from a cart to a small tank when I mix cdb and thc.

  • Great information! @MNTDWLER what jupitor vape pen do you use? Kind of confusing on their website. I like the idea of not having to use that button! Thanks.

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    I'll have to look at the website, like I said it's been three years lol...I've slept since then lol. @Skholla mine looks like the liquid 6 it's got the bottom draw and that's about what I paid for it because I'd had other batteries last a month 😡

  • @Syz it just lets you know it's working. When you start inhaling, you can feel it vibrate so you know it turned on. The LED that surrounds the button changes colors to indicate the heat level too which is kinda cool. It has 5 different temp settings.

  • I inject it directly into my brains

  • Left or right cheek😉

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