Merlin vapes

Has anyone tried merlins vapes? Quality compared to med mamma?


  • I’m positive that they are the same product we got from med mama. I don’t feel or taste much of a difference.

  • Same supplier medmama was using for sure.

  • If so @Rubygirl816 , I hope they bring the indica RSO.

    Cc: @medboy

  • Merlin is someone who was working with/for medmama, pretty sure.

  • @Sixwaychili its probably her assistant that just started working with her a few months before mama retired. I'd say mama was showing her the ropes so the assistant could take over!

  • I'm going with the theory MMM is the big boss and mama didn't fall in line, so a one-way trip to the desert problem solved.

  • All we need now is Merlin to get the mama gumdrops! I'm down to 2 cannisters. I got 8 for the final sale.

  • I agree MM must have had some old discount weed to get rid of but to be honest it's a little but I've gotten some of the biggest buds ever an Bovedasomes days cures all an packing is just like MM where is wish Loud could take some lessens ! ilive in Ilegal country an sometime I can smell before openoinng! But they always delevier!!!!

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