Bodega Bubble Gum

Not a bad tasting bud, but tons and tons of seeds in it. Small to mid size buds and just eh. Wouldn’t buy again.


  • Wasn't that indoor too? I'll have to look but by sounds of it glad I requested my split be cake pop cause almost put the bubble gum, good looking out

  • Yes it was @Vapedad78. I wasn’t going to write the review, but every time I found a seed I kept saying I HAVE to, for somebody else’s benefit or help with decision.

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    Definitely don't mind the occasional bean in a banging bud, but if it's an absorbance of total heft on pricey stuff I'd usually rather stick to sinsemillia, good looking out again @Rubygirl816 appreciate ya

  • Thank you for the heads-up, @Rubygirl816 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Thank you! @Rubygirl816 I was on the fence about that one.
    I went with more mammoth skunk. I'm getting some mendo breath too, and I'm finally going to try those caviar joints.

  • @Rubygirl816 If you haven't already emailed me about this, please do.

  • I also found a lot of seeds in my recent loud order. And I wrote you.

  • Seeds in high dollar flower i have never recd anything from lound with seeds in it . Someone wasn't watching the grow very good sounds like a large commercial grow

  • @Tac it was the premium rainbow chip. About 40 seeds in my ounce. Otherwise, it wasn’t too bad. Trial and error is part of the fun. I’m waiting on Gelato and the Lamborghini.

  • Also, I haven’t heard of anyone finding seeds in this batch, so it may have been an error and therefore I’m not reviewing the rainbow chip......

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    I also received the Rainbow Chip a few weeks ago. Beautiful buds with a few seeds..nothing crazy I’m just glad they’re mature seeds. Very rare for a Loud premium but I like a few seeds here and there. Saving for when things get fully legal..

  • My bodega bubblegum had lots of immature seeds. It smoked poor and Loud replaced it immediately. Found a keeper in some white rhino last year.

  • May get lucky with a bag seed . My state is legel now so am getting to try some exotic strains . That blow my mind still have to check back with med man every now and then .

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    @Limonene i found 1 White Rhino seed too! 😎 for me the recent Tasty Waves had a lot of premature seeds..still haven’t went back to it. Get a dud occasionally. Rest has been straight ⛽️

  • @superman38NC Here's a pic of the white rhino from a Loud seed. Easy to grow, potent, smells and tastes great. ​

  • Going thru some sunset sherbert seeds from Loud at the moment...fingers crossed.

  • Very nice! @Limonene maybe I’ll have to give that a try sooner than later 😎 love me some SS too.

  • Nice looks great

  • Thanks man. A few seeds in a bag of fire can be gold.

  • Yep definitely 👍 good job

  • Seeds wow I have 5 I have found in well over 20k in bud they are in a jar waiting to be planted the day its legal in my state.

  • My last couple of bags had a few seeds.
    I've find 3 so far in my oz of mammoth skunk from Loud, and 1 in the half of mendo breath from Merlin.

    I have found them in the past but never in a significant amount.

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