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Just put last of my four plans in mason jars . First time growing . Fun hobby and if you have time and space highly recommend . After years of buying its fun seeing how it all starts.


  • Mason jars are not going to be good for the long term. You will have to break them to transplant. If you use the wider mouth jars that have straighter sides you might have a better chance at getting them out.
    The roots need drainage and oxygen. They will never get large enough to do anything.

    Anyone can sprout some seeds and make a plant, but to make anything worth having is going to take a lot of trial and error and practice, or serious study and dedication. Plants can be huge if they get what they need.

    And also, consider this; the law doesn't care if your plant is raggedy covered in bugs, yellowing with the leaves falling off and no buds. It's still a marijuana plant. So my advice is if you are going to grow it, do it right and make the most of your plant or plants.

    One person who knows what they are doing can grow one plant and get more bud than someone who doesn't know what they are doing growing 10 plants.

    If you want to learn from professionals check out It's the best source for growing info on the internet.

  • I am curing my buds in mason jars. Didn't get alot off my four plants. Probably eight ounces after its all done. Not a bad return on my investment and fun hobby. Can't wait to vape some of my own buds in a few weeks.

  • Mason jars are perfect for curing.

  • @Lyn I misunderstood. The jars are perfect for curing. Just make sure everything is dry enough.
    If you got that much, that's pretty good for a first time grow.
    Did you use soil or hydroponics?

  • Someday, I'll start a grow. I've tried some quite mediocre cannabis that friends have grown and realized that I'm so incredibly spoiled by medicineman that I can't even smoke it. I'd have to smoke 10 times as much to get high. The only thing I'd do with most of it is make oil.

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    I used Fox farms soil with seeds from seedsman . I didn't change light schedule on time so was about eight months before harvest. Basement got a little smelly but once again very enjoyable experience. At 58 need some hobbies. I used a light, humidifier and small fan.

  • To me, hydro is a lot easier and more forgiving once you get the basics down.
    Look into bubbler buckets. Super easy and cheap setup.
    Make sure you have something to check the ph. If the ph is out of whack the plants can not take in the nutrients it needs. Even if you're using the proper nutrients, the plants can not absorb them if the ph is too high or too low. 5.8-6.2 on ph.

    Growing is an amazing and fascinating hobby when you start getting into the fine details.

    Like vapor pressure differentials, and light spectrums.

    You can get tons of autoflower stains that are non-photosensitive. So you don't have to worry about the light cycle. Some of your auto flowers take about a month to start budding too. They are significantly smaller plants, but flower and mature a lot sooner. It's been a while, but I think about 90 days to mature is pretty much average.

  • Wow 90 days. I will look into hydro . Be honest got more herb than I will need for awhile. My consumption isn't like my younger years. I meant to say de-humidifier. I didn't change light schedule as was still learning so had the plants running for about eight mths.

  • Didnt look like much on plants but after picking off buds I was surprised .

  • 90 days is only from auto-flowering strains.
    Hydroponics gives you more (quicker) control over the plants like if they have a little leaf burn starting, you can just do a quick reservoir change to stop the damage.
    Any nutrients or amendments are going straight to the roots.
    Go check out that website I mentioned. You can be pulling pounds off of a single plant if you have enough space.
    Maybe not pounds off of an auto, but photos can give lots of weight if you're able to nurse them and learn to read them so you can give them everything they need when they need it.
    Check out SCROG too. It stands for screen of green.
    With 1 plant in a bubble bucket grown using the scrog method, you can create a monster.

  • Nice, wish I had done this in my youth . Would have saved lots of money. Pretty cool seeing the whole process . Not sure I would kill pounds in two years . I keep reading two years is shelf life on weed ?

  • Idk about shelf life. Never had to worry about that! 😆
    It's really hard to say because things like strain, humidity, light, and temperature will all affect it.
    If all the environmental variables are optimal, I don't see why it wouldn't last years.
    At a certain point, I would expect potency and flavor to start degrading gradually.
    I just did a little googling and saw people claiming they have stuff 2-3 years of that's still good and one claiming he has some that is 7 years old.
    I saw a lot of that on Quora.

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    Thanks. Can't wait to vape my own plants. After years of buying this is my first using my own crop. At 58 fun to have firsts .

  • Growing plants is fun if you have alot of free time on your hands. I like to start during late winter if i grow, auto flowers are definately faster growing and do have smaller yeild. Less than two foot maybe at full budding stage. The other kind, not sure what, but ive had them turn into bushes and reach my ceiling. All i ever used for plantfood was rain water and dried banana peels and chips. I still have a collection of seeds from very nice bud ive ordered in the past.

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    I'd look at the auto seeds companies like mephisto genetics, nightowl, gnome automatics etc

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