Loud Flower restock and Merlin Vape Refill Restock

Are there any plans in the near future for the Merlin Vape refills and /or Louds premium flower (sativa's/sativa doms)?


  • Second this request

  • Same for cc vapes and refills :)

  • Right there with you guys!! Restock time please

  • Refills please!

  • Uhhhh concentrates too please!! LOL!!

  • Pretty sure their goal is to make sales, I'd expect inventory updates soon. :)

  • @Bambino21 I'm with you buddy, I'm well stocked on flower and I've got several concentrates. Like you I'm still waiting for that killer trat to come up. The last really notable indica for me was the hindu kush shatter from almost a year ago. I'm still hoarding my last two and three quarters of a gram but I'll be doing a lot of quick hit dabs over the holidays and it's on the menu😋🦃 But I do like the flavor and effects of bubba fett. It's a midlevel buzz for me...relaxing without a hint the sativa jitters. So how's about a landrace indica concentratePurple kush wax, shatter, live resin or bubble hash would be dreamy🥰lol

  • @MNTDWLER yessir. Stocked up on flower and goodies. Love them concentrates though. Got a small shipment in today of Bubba Fett and Kashmir Kush. But like you. Still waiting on that fire wax to be available!!

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